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Update: OX

Unverkennbar: Neue Arbeiten von OX in Bondy & Paris.

Watchlist: Milo Project


“UFP: unitendified flying person”

“Invisible minority”


Pfeile, Schalter, Finger und unidentifizierte fliegende Personen im öffentlichen Raum: Milo Project aus Paris. Via: Mail, merci Laurence!

Update: Ludo

Die “X-Ray”-Serie: Neue Adbustings von Ludo in Paris. Via

Métro Paris: “Ich darf nicht…”

Noch ein französischer Klassiker: “Ich darf nicht auf die Métro schreiben.”

Watchlist: “The Passage Souterrain” in Paris

The Passage Souterrain” ist ein Guerilla-Ausstellungsraum (sprich: Unterführung) in Paris, der seit 2005 vor allem von spanischen, politischen Künstlern bespielt wird, u.a. haben dort bereits ausstellt: Fernando Sanchez Castillo, Jorge Diezma, Santiago Sierra, PSJM uvw. “The Passage Souterrain is a guerrilla art space. Its goal is to develope in-situ and ephymerous interventions by contemporary artists in a public art space. The creators that take part in this process are spanish –south american and spaniard- and for the great part their work is politically engaged. If art is about comunicating visions, exchanging experiences and sharing life, these are the pilars on wich the Passage Souterrain is based. Passage Souterrain: Avenue de New York with rue de la Manutention, Paris.” Via: Mail, gracias!

François Abélanet: “Who To Believe?”

"Vous êtes ailleurs" ou à l'Hôtel de Ville ? par mairiedeparis

Land Art meets Op Art: Die Installation “Who To Believe?” von François Abélanet in Paris. Via

Update: OX

Und schon wieder eine neue Arbeit von OX – diesmal in Paris. Via: Mail

Update: Neozoon

Neue Arbeiten von Neozoon in Paris und Wien. Via: Mail, thx!

Schlagloch-Stricken: Juliana Santacruz Herrera

Juliana Santacruz Herrera stopft Schlaglöcher in Paris. Via

Bellastock Festival: 13-16. Mai, Paris

Das Architektur/Urbanismus-Festival in Paris: Bellastock – vom 13. bis 16. Mai (der genaue Ort wird noch bekannt gegeben). Thema in diesem Jahr: “The City in a breath” – es soll eine temporäre, aufblasbare Stadt gebaut werden. “At a given moment, Bellastock deploys a localised energy. It offers the possibility to construct an urban fiction reconciling utopia with concrete, logistical problems. A collective experience, Bellastock aims to create, on a micro scale, an urban situation with a relatively unconventional approach to city planning and construction. Addressing issues related to immediate and temporary architecture, as well as promoting dialogue between the multiple agents building the city simultaneously, Bellastock aims to sensitize architects as well as non architects to pertinent questions beyond the immediate field of architectural design. The festival offers a fertile ground for the elaboration of ecological tools and methods. The management logistics are founded upon the same philosophy: the invention of responsible methods, waste treatment, and participation of local industries. In order to develop systems that render the city more energy efficient, the management logistics are conceived in such a manner as to reduce their environmental impact during as well as after the festival. Waste is separated and partially recycled. Local bodies provide catering in order to reduce the environmental cost linked to transport as well as to promote the local economy.” Mehr Informationen gibt´s hier… Tausend Dank für die Info, Simon (und The Wa) – und für den wundervollen Aufenthalt in Paris!