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Pablo Chiereghin: “Bank Club”

Krise? Banken als Buhmänner? Für den italienischen Künstler Pablo Chiereghin sind Bankfilialen vor allem perfekte Partylocations: “I do not know where my money is now and how it is invested but I am having fun in the bank. Using their bank cards people get access to the entrance room of some banks and have a party there. This party-project is a copyleft instruction to hedonistically protest against bank policy and their role in our daily life.” Via: Mail

Pablo Chiereghin: “The Scam”

“The Scam” – eine neue Performance des italienischen Künstlers Pablo Chiereghin. Während der Ausstellung “Kunst und Kapital” im Künstlerhaus Wien gab der Künstler vor, er könne das Geld der Besucher verdoppeln, schloss Verträge ab, tat jedoch nichts und behielt das Geld dann einfach. “The artist organizes a complex financial operation under the fake supervision of a broker firm. The participants give money under the promise of having the amount doubled or at least to have their money back within 3 month. The artist gives to the investors signed contracts and then uses the money for personal purposes.” Via: Mail