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Zefrey Throwell: “Ocularpation: Wall Street”

Gestern gab es eine Nackt-Performance von und mit Zefrey Throwell, Aram Jibilian, Jomar Statkun, Aaron Mattocks, Eric Clinton Anderson und rund 45 weiteren Teilnehmern auf der New Yorker Wall Street: “Yesterday morning at 7am, artist Zefrey Throwell assembled 50 participants who performed roles based on the occupational demographic of the Wall Street neighborhood, including secretaries, janitors and businessmen. Three of those who performed were arrested by police officers at the scene. The performance art work came from a very personal experience for the artist whose mother lost her savings in the 2008 stock crash and had to come out of retirement to look for a job. “She was depressed and later furious that the system that had cheated her of her golden years was still intact and thriving while she had to go back to work at a job she disliked,” he says. “The project came to me as a way to illuminate one of the most mysterious streets in the world, Wall Street … ” The work’s name, Ocularpation, is a combination of the words ocular, meaning sight and viewing, and occupation, which has the double meaning of profession and to occupy a space by force. “The word stands for an aggressive public performance of work,” the artist says.” Mehr Informationen: Hyperallergic & NY Times