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Update: NeSpoon

Neue Arbeiten von NeSpoon. Via: Mail, thx!

NeSpoon: “Scrabble Project”

Die neuen Arbeiten von NeSpoon: Neue Malereien im Rahmen des italienischen Fame-Festival und das neue “Scrabble”-Project. “The Scrabble project reflects the information mosaic we use to create our image of reality. It is meant to encourage viewers to reflect on their knowledge about the world, usually constructed on the basis of unified information supplied by large mediaconcerns through mainstream media.It is also an invitation to independent explorations and verification of information on the most important aspects of our reality, such as GMOs, global health policies, the nature and causes of financial crises, corporate social responsibility, global warming, conspiracy theories, etc.” Via: Mail

Update: NeSpoon

Neue Arbeiten von NeSpoon in Mumbai, Goa, Katowice und West Bank. Via: Mail, thx!

Update: NeSpoon

Neue Arbeiten von NeSpoon: “Ich sende dir meine neuen Werke, inspiriert von Schneeflocken. Es ist eine ganz neue Technik: weißes Edelporzellan. Und es sind erste Arbeiten aus meiner eigenen Werkstatt.” Via: Mail, dziękuję!

Update: NeSpoon

Neue Arbeiten von NeSpoon: “Werke, die in den letzten zwei Jahren in Parks und Wäldern entstanden sind. Es ist immer noch die gleiche Technik: handgefertigte Keramik.” Via: Mail, thx!

NeSpoon: Street Art am Strand

Street Art am Strand – das neue Projekt der polnischen Künstlerin NeSpoon: “Oak Beach is my favorite place at the Baltic sea, I come here every summer holiday. This year I tried to introduce street art to the beach. Traditionally, I use my laces as a stencils, but for the first time I used them to created installations. The effects of my work aroused great interest. Many people made pictures of the installations, they moved them around from place to place, they were even used for the construction of beach camps. Small children with great joy played around them. These objects made of lace, though very delicate, survived on the beach over a week.” Mehr zu NeSpoon auch hier & hier. Via: Mail, thx!

NeSpoon: “Muse of street art”

Neue Aktion von NeSpoon: “Muse of street art” im Saski Garden in Warschau: “Main attraction is the group of 21 baroque sculptures – allegorical muses of human’s creativity and science. One of them was an orphan, with no allocation. I adopt her.” Via: Mail

NeSpoon: “Brandenburger Tor”, 2010

Urban Jewelry für das Brandenburger Tor von NeSpoon. Mehr von ihr hier und mehr zur Aktion hier, via: Mail

Watchlist: NeSpoon

Mit ganz viel Liebe und Keramik: “Urban Jewellery” der polnischen Künstlerin NeSpoon. Mehr “Urban Bling” auch hier. Via