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Und sonst so? : 08. 01. 13

Foto: Unbekannt, via

* Am 11.Januar bis 13. Januar bin ich in Stuttgart beim “26. Stuttgarter Filmwinter 2013“. Die Ausstellung “Network Culture” und “Medien im Raum” ist im Wilhelmspalais. Nicht verpassen! Das kann nur groß werden, wenn der Aram & Hasi auch am Start sind!

* Und am 16. Januar spreche ich an der Hochschule für Bildende Künste Dresden über “Street Art, Fakes & Interventionen – Kunst als Ausdruck des Politischen“. Los geht´s um 18.30 – und mein Namensvetter Christoph Bieber sowie Anja Besand sind außerdem dabei! Hoffe wir sehen uns!

* “Art Gone Wild“: Im Zoo von Oklahoma sind wirklich alle Tiere Künstler – da malen sogar Schlangen, Flamingos und Grizzlybären. Ab 100 Euro bekommt man ein Original: “Each work of art has been made especially for the show by the Zoo’s resident animal artists, with some help from their keepers. Some animals use a paint brush while others choose to paint with their paws, claws, tails and scales. Artist animals will include elephants, snakes, rhinoceros, flamingos, grizzly bears, and more! New artists this year are sure to make a splash as the archer fish have gotten into the painting mix. Each painting is unique, and each artist has his or her unique techniques.” Via

* Guerilla-Curating: “The Street Museum of Art has launched its second venture in “guerilla curating” in London’s artsy district of Shoreditch. Like their first exhibition, it’s basically a self-guided street art tour with museum-like wall labels”. Via

* Mitmach-Aktion von Yolanda Dominguez: “Are you sick of the stereotypes of the fashion world? Do you think that the poses of the models are absurd and denigrate the image of women? Do you think that advertising makes women into objects? If you do not feel identified with the image of women in the media and think you are much more than a handbag and shoes: this is yours! Join this artistic action of Yolanda Dominguez: Call a friend and imitate together the image of the new Chanel campaign: a couple of women in front of a landmark hotel of your city (drained on the couch, looking silly and looking to customers) and send me a mini recorded video of the action to info@yolandadominguez.com”

* Buch-Tipp I: “Billboard Bandits – Outlaw Artists in the sky“. “While graffiti itself is illusive in nature, billboard graffiti takes it a step further as one of the most daring aspects of the craft. The book itself includes photos and interviews from artists all over America and the UK. The first hand accounts enable the reader to feel present in the world of these individual artists. Some of them are raw and gritty vandals while others provide more of a fine art feel. They specialize in everything from integrating their pieces into the advertisement itself to adding their artwork to the blank billboard back.” Via

* Buch-Tipp II: “Going Public: Public Architecture, Urbanism and Interventions“. Via

* Magazin/Buch-Tipp: “Critical Making – a handmade book project by Garnet Hertz in the field of critical technical practice and critically-engaged maker culture. Critical making is defined by Ratto as exploring how hands-on productive work – making – can supplement and extend critical reflection on the relations between digital technologies and society. It also can be thought of as an appeal to makers to be critically engaged with culture, history and society.” Via

* Magazin-Tipp: Großartiges Graffiti-Fanzine: Bergerstrasse. Via

* Graffiti-Fotografie: Joe Volt porträtiert in seiner Reihe “Life with the hungry ones” Trainwriter. Via

* Film-Tipp: “Branded ist ein modernes Märchen, in dem reale Phänomene und Mechanismen des Markensystems verarbeitet werden, teils in wortwörtlich monströsen Metaphern. Zugrunde liegt eine fundamentale Branding-Kritik: “It’s all the Brands, it’s the System, it’s an occupation [...] It used to be that Brands were formed from peoples desires. Now it is the people that are formed according to the desires of the brands” spricht der Held. Er sieht wie Brand-Images die Welt und das Bewusstsein der Menschen kolonialisieren – sie schaffen Sehnsüchte und beeinflussen das Handeln jedes einzelnen Menschen und sie lenken den kulturellen Drift. Nicht einzelne Marken werden kritisiert, sondern das Paradigma Branding und die Kraft mit der es individuelle und kollektive Vorstellungen etabliert. Aus dem massenhaften Wahrnehmen, Nachahmen und Weitergeben von Markenbotschaften und -Bildern steigen Monster hervor.” Via

* “The underground art rebels of Paris“. Via

* Hate-Mail von Mr. Bingo. Via