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Mike Ballard: “Whose Coat is that Jacket You’re Wearing?”

Zehn Jahre lang hat der britische Künstler Mike Ballard Jacken in Bars geklaut – und so rund 200 Kleidungsstücke angesammelt. Diese sollen nun zur Kunstmesse Frieze in London ausgestellt und, falls sich jemand meldet, auch an den rechtmäßigen Besitzer zurückgegeben werden. “Just after his move to London in the late 1990s, Ballard’s favourite 55DSL coat was stolen from a crowded pub – a loss he took quite hard. In retaliation, Ballard began stealing other coats he found unattended and over the past ten years he has amassed a collection of over 200. Each coat’s contents have been meticulously catalogued and stored (never stolen from). Having come to terms with his loss, Ballard is now relinquishing his collection and the coats will be returned to their rightful owners – but only if claimants can identify the date and place of loss or the contents of the pockets.” Via: Mail