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Mark Reigelman: “Manifest Destiny”

“Manifest Destiny! is about our God-given imperative as modern explorers, to seek out parcels of unclaimed territory and boldly establish a new home front in the remaining urban voids of San Francisco. Manifest Destiny! is a temporary rustic cabin occupying one of the last remaining unclaimed spaces of downtown San Francisco – above and between other properties. The cabin is affixed to the side of the Hotel des Arts, floating above the restaurant Le Central like an anomalous outgrowth of the contemporary streetscape. Using a 19th-century architectural style and vintage building materials, the structure is both homage to the romantic spirit of the Western Myth and a commentary on the arrogance of Westward expansion. The interior space of the tiny house can be seen day and night through the curtained windows, a lonely beacon in the city’s dense landscape, and an incongruous, haunting vision from below. The installation will remain in place and be slowly transformed by the elements through October 2012.”

“Blue Birds”

“Stair Squares”

Mark Reigelman, Künstler/Designer aus New York. “Manifest Destiny!” erinnert an das “Rucksackhaus” von Stefan Eberstadt bzw. den “Parasiten” von Korteknie Stuhlmacher Architecten, trotzdem wunderbar. Via