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Luzinterruptus: “Floating Presenses”, 2010

Die neue Aktion der spanischen Lichtkünstler Luzinterruptus – während des Festivals Rizoma in Molinicos: “80 lit presences populating the water, and observing with all attention what passed by them. All living in harmony among fish, ducks, children bathing and also neighbours. The villagers came closer, first curious, and then when they were more used to the floating characters, they wanted to assure themselves all was in perfect state.” Via

Luzinterruptus: “Trap for mosquitos”

Der neueste Streich der spanischen Gruppe Luzinterruptus: Moskito-Adbusting in Madrid. “On nights of unbearable heat, mosquitos feed on even the handsome and perfect models, with smooth skin, that our exhibited everywhere in the advertising spaces in the city. And it is the beautiful and intense light what attracts them and makes them fall towards it-not knowing it will be their end for sure. This is how on 29 June a plague, of about 200, ended up against the overlit glass panels of the advertising billboards in the centre of the city. Gustavo Sanabria was a witness of this curious event which we have titled Trap for mosquitos and here are some photos so that you can appreciate the ravages that this lit huge things can cause in our ordinary lives. In this case the result was for hundreds of indigeneous mosquitos, but in other circunstances it could attract -like a siren’s chant showing an irreal and unreachable luxury from brands proper of our consumer society-, other more evolved animals, even a distracted driver or other easily influenced spirits…” Via

Luzinterruptus: “Deadly Wounded Advertisements”

Autsch, tödlich verwundete Werbeplakate – die neue Intervention von Luzinterruptus: “Madrid is full of advertisements, have a walk around the city centre to check it out. And it is the public space which is highly considered by advertisers where there is nothing that police and cleaning services can do to keep them under control. It has always surprised us the way in which the posters accumulate one on top of another and there are places which -due to theirs strategic position- have over 25 layers of poster paper. And all these stuff has led us to consider how much the walls suffer and because of this pain, huge bruises open up in their surface, making them expell blood and fire. To stage this idea, we have gone out onto the streets with our lights. We have intervened them with just paper, lights and a little paint, and over those large advertising surfaces which are stuck to the walls.” Mehr von Luzinterruptus hier, hier und hier. Via

Luzinterruptus: “Packaged vertical garden”, 2010

Die neue Licht-Intervention von Luzinterruptus in Madrid: “Criticism, of a humorous tone, at the lack of green spaces in large contemporary cities. With the installation Packaged vertical garden, we wanted to promote the preservation of urban greenery, because if we continue to eradicate it from public spaces or reducing it to inaccessible vertical faces, the only form of contact with nature will be in supermarket refrigerators, packaged with expiry dates.” Via: Mail

Luzinterruptus: “Urban Hemorrhage”, 2009

Blood on the Bürgersteig: Neue Lichtinstallation der spanischen Gruppe Luzinterruptus – “Urban Hemorrhage“. “We expected a day of heavy rain and we went out to look for puddles on the pavement. We chose a conflictive zone, the May the 2nd Plaza, in the past the scene of the famous and bloody execution of 1808 and in the present scenes of violence and repression are still being played out there against those that drink in the streets. We only had to dye the water red and put our lights in it to simulate the blood that flowed over the pavement, creating a most dramatic effect. As it rained, it seemed that the water fell red from the sky and when it stopped, it was as if the ground was seeping blood that was flowing to the sewers.” Mehr Bilder hier, mehr über die Gruppe auch hier, hier und hier. Via: Mail

Luzinterruptus: “Public Toilets”

Wieder eine neue Lichtinstallation von Luzinterruptus: “Public Toilets“. “We carried 80 male urine containers, the ones used in hospitals. Inside we poured yellow water and, what else but our lights. (…) Through our installation, public toilets, we have tried to attract attention -in a comical manner- about the problem we encounter when walking in centric streets and squares. Its purpose is to remind people who have this custom and also institutions so that a solution is found –perhaps by using urban furniture where people can urinate without bothering others, in case of extreme urgency.” Mehr zu Luzinterruptus hier und hier, vgl. das Thema “Urinieren” auch hier. Via: Mail

Luzinterruptus: “Lifeless Square”

Neue Intervention der spanischen Licht-Künstler Luzinterruptus: So schnell verwandelt sich ein toter Platz in einen Friedhof. “We pray that when the squares in Madrid are rehabilitated, they are not turned into big grey slabs of stones, without the slightest hind of green on its surface. However, up until now our own prayers have been unsuccessful, as they are always changed into big colourless slabs resembling tombstones, poorly suited for children to play, but ideal to place tacky flea markets that reinvent public spaces into commercial areas. An example of these kind of bleak squares is Plaza de Cabestreros in Madrid, where even the benches have a funeral appearance. Making people leave the place shortly after they arrive. Its tombstone shape in life-like size, its coldness and all in an unfortunate line, inspired our intervention Lifeless Square, which we carried out on the early morning on 8th July and in which we recreate easily a graveyard with 12 inhabited tombstones.” Via: Mail