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Was von Weihnachten noch übrig bleibt…

Merry Christmas and a happy new year from: 0331c. Via

Merry Christmas and a happy new year from: Sasha Kurmaz.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year from: Luzinterruptus. Via

Und natürlich auch “Merry Christmas and a happy new year from: rebelart!”. So, und jetzt reicht´s aber auch: Weihnachten ist vorbei und wir starten durch ins neue Jahr – ich wünsche Euch ein fröhliches 2013 und freue mich auf Eure neuen Aktionen und Projekte!

Luzinterruptus: “Mutant weeds”

Neue Aktion von Luzinterruptus: “Of all the environmental pollution that can be found in the city of Madrid, the most evident is light pollution, so much so that in our sky we can never see the Milky Way and hardly any stars. This overillumination is evident to the naked eye at a distance of more than 200 kms and produces a glow that can be seen with a medium-size telescope for more than 700 kms. It is therefore very surprising, that at a time when the European Union is so careful with issues of environmental pollution, the Dept. of the Environment of the City Council of Madrid rules for illuminated signs, adopted a couple of years ago, changed the rules for pharmacy signs, to allow them to be replaced with much more powerful ones. So much light emanates from the new crosses that the environment that surrounds each pharmacy, is permanently tinted a deep, vibrant and unnatural green color. Objectively speaking, one could say that the majority of the urban green spaces in our city, are more the result of erroneous illuminated sign rules than the commitment of our institutions to provide the city with places where you can be in contact with nature. In addition to the obvious color change of the streets, the neighbors who live in the vicinity of 24 hour pharmacies, have watched impotently as every night their rooms become disturbing green places, in which life and the perception of what happens in them is altered, without being able to do anything to avoid it. Without wanting to play down such a serious subject, but trying to approach it with a sense of humor, which never hurts, we carried out our installation Mutant weeds in which we recreated a not-too-distant future, in which a new and hardy species of photosensitive plant, grows in the asphalt around the pharmacies, nourished by the photosynthesis of its powerful “low” light.” Via: Mail

Luzinterruptus: “Drinking water running through the streets”

Luzinterruptus und ihre neue Intervention: “Drinking water running through the streets”. “In Madrid, in less than 30 years, more than 50% of the public fountains in service have been lost, which now are seen to be dismantled, broken, without a tap to drink from or simply dry. To criticize the indifference of the administration in regards to a necessary public service, we carried out our action. We have spent more than 4 months collecting the glass containers of the multiple vitamin supplement Infatrini, prescribed for little Alicia, who is now 1 year old, and whose father Fernando has been saving them for us with all the patience in the world. In total they have donated more than 200 vials to us that we have thoroughly cleaned and used to create our individual and luminous streams of water. On a cold night at the end of January, we went out into the street and took control of 4 unused public fountains in the city center, bringing them back to life for a few hours. We wanted to say that water is necessary for life and that the fountains that are used for drinking and refreshing ourselves seem much more necessary and beautiful to us than those which are merely ornamental, which the citizens cannot normally get close if not for some football event of “national interest”.” Via: Mail

Luzinterruptus: “Deciduous Lampposts”

Luzinterruptus mit einer Hommage an den goldenen Herbst: This is our last intervention “Deciduous Lampposts”, our personal tribute to the autumn that has gone by. We love this season, which fills the streets with dry leaves covering the cold asphalt in wonderful orange tones.” Via: Mail

LuzInterruptus: “Politicians under surveillance”

Foto: Gustavo Sanabria

Ich glaube es war Julian Assange, der einmal gesagt hat, dass nicht nur Stars von Paparazzi auf Schritt und Tritt überwacht werden sollten, sondern vor allem Politiker. Mit diesem Thema beschäftigt sich die neue Aktion der spanischen Gruppe LuzInterruptus: “Politicians are under suspicion, not only by the citizens that we see as being astonished by their manouevers to curb a crisis for which they do not stop trying to put the blame on us. But in reality, those that truly keep them under strict surveillance, are the markets, loaded with unlimited power which allows them to overthrow legitimate governments, imposing in their place a race of technocrats of suspect past, in the service of the crisis. Thinking about these things, we took to the streets of Madrid, on the 19th of November, a day of reflection before the general elections, in order to present a simulation of the surveillance of politicians, with the aim of generating debate or simply a thought among the people who strolled through the streets on their way back home. For our installation Politicians under video surveillance, we carried 75 fake security cameras with us, of the type which detect movement and possess an intermittent red light and we trained them on the advertising used by the parties in their electoral campaigns, observing from close up the faces that were touched up for the photos, of the politicians elect. It was an interesting night and as always, people asked us… did we hope to have made them reflect for a moment about this alarming situation of the harassment of democracy.” Via: Mail

Luzinterruptus: “Radioactive Control”

Das neue Projekt von Luzinterruptus: “This is our last intervention “Radioactive Control”. It was created for the Dockville Festival in Hamburg which tried to demonstrate, in a humorous tone, the paranoia that we are suffering from since the escape of radioactive material in Japan, has brought into question the safety systems at the nuclear power plants. With our mysterious army of 100 illuminated radioactive figures, which advanced threateningly on the natural environment of the festival, we wanted to invite reflection regarding the use and abuse of nuclear energy, cheap in economic terms, but which can cause grave secondary effects for the environment and health, forever irreversible.” Via: Mail

Der Bindenbaum: Luzinterruptus “Winged tree”

Fotos: Gustavo Sanabria

Das neue Projekt der spanischen Gruppe Luzinterruptus – ein Bindenbaum aus rund 100 Damenbinden: “Arbol alado / Winged tree“. “It is bothersome to see how advertising campaigns change the appearance of things so as to adapt them to their own interests, and by seeing from this point of view we feel inclined to buying the products or services advertised. It is the case of sanitary towels, for instance, which are advertised as ethereal, light, inmaculate, odorless and beautiful. But the red colour is never present and it is replaced by blue drops that fall as if it were rain on them. The slogan for the advertising campaign of sanitary towels called “Ausonia makes you feel free” (Ausonia te da alas) shows young women floating merrily in the air and the days on which they must use this item. It became an inspiration for our proposal Cellulose wings and for just this time we have believed the message and we have turned this object –so annoying to use- into a much more oneiric, pure and delicate.” Via: Mail

Luzinterruptus: “One sees the sea between the cars”

Die neue Intervention von Luzinterruptus: “One sees the sea between the cars”. “We believe that the containers of rubble in the streets of Madrid are like stranded ships, waiting between the cars, for the rising tide that never comes, to take them back to the sea. Some of these containers, especially those which are in luxury neighborhoods, are covered by shiny tarpaulins of green and blue, which cover the unsightly rubbish inside them and when we see them we imagine that a piece of the deep, bright sea has crept into our dry, urban habitat. The night of February the 7th, we decided to stage this fantasy, adding paper boats with lights to our imaginary, miniature seas. The action was called “One sees the sea between the cars” and to carry it out we used 3 covered containers which we found in the neighborhood of Salamanca in Madrid, placing upon its “waters”, a tiny, harmless fleet, of illuminated paper boats.” Via: Mail, thx!

Luzinterruptus: “1000 poems by mail”

Neue Aktion von Luzinterruptus: “Last October we participated in the poetry festival 2010 Poetas por km2 at La Casa de América in Madrid. With the installation 1.000 poems by mail, we wanted to illuminate the poetry and at the same time and ensure that the visitors actively enjoyed the installation. To do this, we filled the garden with 1,000 white envelopes containing poems written especially for the occasion by the poets who participated in the festival. The lit envelopes remained hanging in the garden for 3 days, serving as intimate illumination for the poetic festival. The last night, with light still in the interior, they were offered to the public as keepsakes, or better yet, for them to address to a loved one, to whom we would send the envelope. With the intervention we wanted to look a little towards the past, in a nostalgic way and remember times in which important words travelled in envelopes. We also wanted each person that read the poetic message, to think of an important person to whom they would like it to arrive. We collected about 100 envelopes with addresses which we hurried to send to their recipients. Knowing that the letters arrived still illuminated filled us with joy. Thanks to the poets, Ajo, Peru Saizprez, Mayra Oyuela, Javier de la Rosa, Javier Nadie, La Más Bella, Raúl Zurita, Julián Herbert, Reynaldo Jiménez, Emila Persola, Héctor Avellán, Linda Wong, Eduardo Scala, Pep Gómez, Maria Eloy-García, Josep Pedrals, Gabriel Vallecillo, for creating a work of art for us to illuminate. It was a pleasure to work with Pepe and Fabio who made everything so easy for us, and with the team that were voluntarily and diligently installing the 1,000 envelopes with us.”

Luzinterruptus: “Urban Nests”

Update: Die Lichtkünstler Luzinterruptus haben in Madrid “urbane Nester” an ein Baugerüst angebracht.