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Erik Kessels: “Memory Palace” / Sky Arts Ignition

Für die Ausstellung “Sky Arts Ignition: Memory Palace” (bis 20. Oktober) im Londoner Victoria & Albert Museum wurden 20 Grafikdesigner, Illustratoren und Typographen gefragt zu einer neuen Erzählung des Autoren Hari Kunzru eine dreidimensionales Narration zu erschaffen, also quasi ein begehbares Buch. Erik Kessels hat für die Ausstellung einen Altpapierpalast gebaut, aus gepressten Erinnerungen. Via: Mail

Keine Angst, die wollen nur spielen III: 99tinygames

99 Spiele – versteckt im Londoner Stadtraum: “Inhabitants and visitors of London can currently find 99 tiny games in public space. The games are part of Showtime, a free outdoor arts festival that gives all Londoners the chance to enjoy “world class entertainment and culture on their doorstep”. People who look closely will find the games in all kinds of places, varying from bus stops to bandstands and from parks to shopping malls. A conversation game over here, a chasing game over there, a people-watching game up on that balcony… The little games are everywhere, really. The only thing you have to do is to find the round posters on the walls and floors in streets and parks that explain the rules of the easy-to-play games.” Mehr hier & hier.

Watchlist: The Vacuum Cleaner

Aus “Police” wird “lice” (Läuse)

“One Hundred Thousand Pieces Of Possibilities”: “On 28/09/07 we gave away our Anti Festival artist fee of €1000. From 10 am in the open lobby of the Kuopion Osuuspankki Bank (Coop Bank in Kuopio, Finland) people could take away as much as they needed or could carry. The money was offered 1 cent pieces.”

Das britische Kunst/Performance/Aktivismus-Kollektiv The Vacuum Cleaner hat eine neue Webseite – und diese bietet einen guten Überblick über die Aktionen der letzten Jahre: “the vacuum cleaner is an art and activism collective of one. the vacuum cleaner employ various creative legal and illegal tactics and forms, attempting to mock, brandalise and disrupt concentrations of power.”

Pochoir: “Riot”

“Äh, entschuldigung, wo geht´s denn hier bitte zu den Riots?”: “Riot”-Schild in London von Pochoir. Via

Update: Eyesaw

Neue Arbeiten von Eyesaw.

Banksy pro Tox

Neue Arbeit von Banksy – und eine schöne Antwort auf den in London veruteilten Sprayer Tox: “Pervasive London tagger Tox was recently convicted of criminal damage and faces jail. In court, the prosecutor said: “He is no Banksy. He doesn’t have the artistic skills, so he has to get his tag up as much as possible.” Via/Via

Update: Eyesaw

Neue Adbustings von Eyesaw aus London – und ein kurzes Interview: “I aim to make the viewer question their surroundings and the world we live in and their role in society. By placing my work in prime advertising space the passer-by is almost fooled into believing my work is an advert selling more shit they don’t need. As my work offers no explanation as to what is being sold, the viewer is made to ask their own questions and draw their own conclusions. As a result I gain great satisfaction knowing I have removed a crap advert from circulation and replaced it with one of my works and just maybe open someone’s eyes to society’s downfalls.”

Mike Ballard: “Whose Coat is that Jacket You’re Wearing?”

Zehn Jahre lang hat der britische Künstler Mike Ballard Jacken in Bars geklaut – und so rund 200 Kleidungsstücke angesammelt. Diese sollen nun zur Kunstmesse Frieze in London ausgestellt und, falls sich jemand meldet, auch an den rechtmäßigen Besitzer zurückgegeben werden. “Just after his move to London in the late 1990s, Ballard’s favourite 55DSL coat was stolen from a crowded pub – a loss he took quite hard. In retaliation, Ballard began stealing other coats he found unattended and over the past ten years he has amassed a collection of over 200. Each coat’s contents have been meticulously catalogued and stored (never stolen from). Having come to terms with his loss, Ballard is now relinquishing his collection and the coats will be returned to their rightful owners – but only if claimants can identify the date and place of loss or the contents of the pockets.” Via: Mail

Paul McGowan: Bombenalarm in Londoner Galerie

In London hat die Polizei die Galerie Mauger Modern Art gestürmt, nachdem sie einen Hinweis bekam, in der Galerie gäbe es eine Bombe. Die Bombe hat sich dann als Kunstwerk von Paul McGowan entpuppt: “Eight officers swooped on Mauger Modern Art in Pimlico yesterday after receiving a 999 call from a member of the public who feared there was a device ready to explode just inside the door. The gallery’s owner, Richard Mauger, said: “When they arrived, the majority of the police burst out laughing apart from one officer who was very angry and suggested we were part of a hoax.” They were confronted with a £34,000 art installation — by contemporary artist Paul McGowan — which looked like sticks of old-fashioned dynamite, with a clock attached and wires protruding from the top.” (*) Übrigens hat auch der britische Künstler Kris Martin eine Bombe produziert, die angeblich in 100 Jahren explodiert. Via

London: Dirty Square Gallery

Nice: Die Dirty Square Gallery besteht aus nur einem Holzrahmen an einer Londoner Häuserwand: “The Dirty Square Gallery specializes in promoting the work of artists who actively engage with critical theory.” Vgl. auch hier, via