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Watchlist: Michael Heindl

“The Placeholder”, 2011

“More Than They Expected”, 2012: “Over the periode of several weeks I placed a white cube on a specific spot in a viennese subway station. After the object was removed by the cleaning staff I replaced it by an identical form. As a documentation, I filmed their daily action of cleaning up my intervention with a hidden camera.”

A Good Turn Daily, Project No. 1-4

Gerade erst entdeckt – und damit wieder einmal eine Premiere bei rebel:art: die wunderbaren Performances/Aktionen/Interventionen des österreichischen Künstlers Michael Heindl! Herzlich Willkommen – da kommt ganz sicher noch einiges…

Digital Communities: “Tele-Internet” in Linz

Am 2. September beginnt das Ars Electronica Festival in Linz – und Aram Bartholl hat für die Kategorie “Digital Communities” die Konferenz/Ausstellung/Performance “Tele-Internet” kuratiert: “*TELE-INTERNET* is an organically growing structure, a hacker space, a conference, a stage, an exhibition, a BarCamp, Commune 0/1, and a site for anyone who’s interested in discussing the development of the internet, exchanging ideas, and presenting their own projects. Ars Electronica festivalgoers are invited to take the plunge and join the fun, to contribute to the discussion of the social web, or to chill out on the couch with a clubmate and a notebook.” Via: Mail