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Update: Julien Berthier

Stadtmöbel-Konzentration: “La Concentration des Services”, 2011

Von der Straße ins Museum: “A Lost”. Vgl. ZEVS, “Visual Kidnapping“, 2002

“Société Générale”, 2011

Neue Arbeiten von Julien Berthier.

Watchlist: Julien Berthier

“Les spécialistes”, 2006 (die falsche Tür und das Schild sind noch heute dort): “One Saturday morning at 7 o’clock on a blind wall in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris. The façade, using the local architectural codes, occupying 10 cm of public space, is mounted and glued on in thirty minutes. Almost 4 years later, the adress still exists. Regularly graffittied, it is cleaned out by the city service.”

“Balcon additionnel”, 2008

“Self”, 2008

“Hypnos”, 2008

“Love love”, 2007

“Everything’s gonna be alright”, 2004

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