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Infografik-Graffiti: Sasha Kurmaz und “Statistic”

Das neue Projekt von Sasha Kurmaz: “Statistic”. “The concept of the work is to create an abstract painting in a public space that will be created on the basis of the sociological survey. The purpose of the study to determine the ratio of residents of Katowice (Poland) to the problem of Russian military intervention in Ukraine. About 150 people were interviewed by questionnaire. Based on this study, I created infographic. The chart shows the average of the balance of opinions. The project was realized within the scope of the Katowice Street Art Festival. Katowice, Poland 2014.” Via: Mail, thx!

“Occupy George”: So werden Geldscheine zu Manifesten

Das Projekt “Occupy George” bedruckt Geldscheine mit eindeutigen Botschaften: “Money talks, but not loud enough for the 99%. By circulating dollar bills stamped with fact-based infographics, Occupy George informs the public of America’s daunting economic disparity one bill at a time. Because money knowledge is power.” Via

Daniel Feral: “Diagram on Graffiti and Street Art”

Für alle Infografik-Fetischisten: Graffiti und Street Art als Diagramm. “The Feral Diagram on Graffiti and Street Art is an homage to and celebration of the 75th Anniversary of the Alfred H. Barr diagram on Cubism and Abstract Art.” Das Poster gibt es hier – und dazu auch eine passende Ausstellung inkl. Katalog: Pantheon. “Participating artists tell their own histories, in their own words and pictures, while local writers and photographers give an overview of the cultural milieu. The catalog includes a dedication to Rammellzee by Charlie Ahearn, essay on the Feral Diagram by Daniel Feral, Street Art in the 2000s by Steven P. Harrington with photographs by Jaime Rojo, in addition to 20 essays, 20 interviews and over 400 images from the efforts of over 30 individuals.” Via: Mail