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H3T architects: “Flying Sauna”

Kann mir nicht so richtig vorstellen, wie’s (und ob’s wirklich) funktioniert – aber anscheinend haben die tschechischen Architekten H3T eine “fliegende Sauna” an einer Elbbrücke gebaut: “We have created an opportunity. A cube where anyone can enjoy sauna is hanging above the river. Any way of bringing attention to the original structure of the weir is positive. The nature of our project made us use cheap materials (partly recycled) and simple structural design. The construction didn’t take longer than a week. Its lifetime in this location will probably not exceed two weeks. Operating instructions: bring some firewood or you can collect it in adjacent forests. It is necessary to be equipped with a boat. Be careful when entering and exiting sauna. The stream under the sauna is strong. You can use one of the pillars as a rest place. Enjoy!” Das Konzept erinnert übrigens an die Recycling-Sauna “Detox” der Hamburger Florian Tampe und Christiane Schuller. Via