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Favela-Träume: Project Morrinho

Schönes Projekt aus Rio, bei dem Jugendliche aus den Favelas eine Miniaturversion ihres Viertels aus Ziegelsteinen und Recyclingmaterial nachbauen. Man möchte weg vom Ghetto-Image und den Kids einen kreativen Zeitvertreib bieten, bei dem sie ihre urbanen Visionen für ihr “Traumviertel” verwirklichen können: “Project Morrinho is a social and cultural project based out of the Pereira da Silva favela (slum) in the Southern Zone of Rio de Janeiro. Our aim is to bring positive change to our local community, as well as challenge the popular perception of Brazil’s favelas. Morrinho’s headquarter is a 320 square meter small-scale model of Rio de Janeiro’s favelas constructed from bricks and other recycled materials. It began as a simple childhood game in 1997 by local youth so they could escape from the realities of violence and corruption that plagued them and their community. Within this miniature urban world of Morrinho (little hill), they acted out a role-playing game with the numerous Lego-block dolls that inhabit the model, recreating life in Rio’s favelas. Currently more than 20 teenagers are following the example of our founding members.” Mehr Bilder auch hier; zu sehen ist die Stadt gerade beim Festival Brazil in London. Via