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Evan Roth: “Urban Hacking Master Class”

Urban Hacking Workshop; Gent, Belgium 2011

“Hacking the escalator”, by Tempranator

“SewerParty”, by Sven Hoskens

“Paris Metro All Dolled Up”, by Klix

Unter UrbanHacking gibt Evan Roth eine Übersicht der Ergebnisse seiner “Master Class” und seinem “Hacking Workshop” in Paris und Gent. Und die Ergebnisse seiner Meisterklasse in Russland gibt´s hier. Via

Gif-Mashup von Evan Roth: “Ani Up”

Gif-Mashup von Evan Roth: “Ani Up” von Danny Drive Thru. Via

Evan Roth: “Urban Hacking Master Class”

Goruleva Jenia, Vasiliev Denis, Stepa Aifo, Cage & Djambo

“Crime Scene”, 2010

“The Mute”, 2010

“Tear-off Advertisement Design Services”, 2010

Evan Roth von GRL und FAT hat in Russland eine “Urban Hacking Master Class” unterrichtet. “Evan Roth, the founder of the well-known public art resource network Graffiti Research Lab, to conduct workshops for young artists in Perm, Ekaterinburg and St. Petersburg. The workshop in Perm brought over 1,000 enthusiastic participants! The workshops built upon growing interest in street art by teaching young artists and students how to use electronics, projecting equipment, lasers and LED lamps. Roth explained his techniques for urban hacking, graffiti analysis and the use of technology in public art as part of VisArt Russia’s Socially Engaged Art Residencies. The workshops and lectures were held at the Library Blinsky in Ekaterinburg, the Perm Museum of Contemporary Art in Perm and the ProArte in St. Petersburg.” (*) Großartiges Projekt – würde auch wahnsinnig gerne einmal eine “Urban Hacking”-Klasse betreuen! Interessenten da draußen?

Evan Roth: “Cache Rules Everything Around Me”

Gif-Meisterwerk von Evan Roth: “Cache Rules Everything Around Me“. Via: Mail

Evan Roth: “Graffiti Analysis 3.0″

“It’s hard to believe we could fit so many great ideas into something so thin”: Graffiti Analysis 3.0 ist da! Via

Evan Roth: “Graffiti Analysis: Sculptures”

Neues Projekt von Graffiti-Nerd Evan Roth: Aus einem Graffiti-Tag hat Roth mittels seiner Software eine Skulptur geschaffen. “Graffiti Analysis: Sculptures is a series of new physical sculptures that I am making from motion tracked graffiti data. New software (GA 3D) imports .gml files (Graffiti Markup Language) captured using Graffiti Analysis, creates 3D geometry based on the data and then exports a 3D representation of the tag as a .stl file (a common file format compatible with most 3D software packages including Blender, Maya and 3DS Max). I then have this data 3D printed to create a physical sculpture that serves as a data visualization of the tag. For the Street and Studio exhibition at the Kunsthalle Wien, I collaborated with an anonymous local Viennese graffiti writer and had the GA sculpture printed in ABS plastic.”

Evan Roth: URL-Performance

Try this at home: URL-Performance von Evan Roth. Lieber gleich schummeln? Et voilà: http://asdflkjhasdflkjhasdflkjhasdflkjhasdflkjhasdflkjhasdflkjhasdflkj.com Via

Graffiti-Tech: Robotagger

Yeah! Der erste Roboter, der taggen kann: “A labor-saving device for graffiti artists. An assistive tool or telematic proxy for taggers working in harsh environments. Long-needed relief for graffiti artists with RSI. Or simply, pure research into as-yet-untrammeled intersections of automation and architecture. We give you: the ROBOTAGGER, an industrial robot arm programmed with GML, the new “Graffiti Markup Language” created by Evan Roth and pals at the FAT Lab.” Mehr dazu auch hier, ist Teil von diesem Projekt: Graffiti Analysis 2.0 & Graffiti Markup Language. Via

Graffiti Analysis 2.0 & Graffiti Markup Language

News aus dem Graffiti Research Lab: “I (Evan Roth) have teamed up with artist and OpenFrameworks bada55 Chris Sugrue to create Graffiti Analysis 2.0. The GA2.0 software suite consists of (i) the Capture application (PC/OSX/Linux), which records graffiti tags in motion and exports them as .gml files; (ii) the Playback application (PC/OSX/Linux), which imports .gml files and creates data visualizations based on gestural graffiti movement and (iii) DustTag (the GA2.0 iPhone application), which captures graffiti tags and uploads them directly to 000000book.com, an open online database of .gml data. GA2.0 is an ongoing initiative that has been used to capture data from prominent graffiti writers including SEEN, TWIST, AMAZE, KETONE, JON ONE and KATSU, all of which can be downloaded for playback at graffitianalysis.com/tags. GA2.0 is available online for free in an effort to build the world’s largest archive of graffiti motion data and encourage collaboration between graffiti writers (by uploading data) and hackers (by building systems which utilize that data).” Via/Via