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Update: Elfo

Neue Arbeit von Elfo: “All you can eat” in Kooperation mit Fra Biancoshock in Mailand, ein Kommentar zur italienischen Finanzkrise.

Update: Elfo

“Street Miracle III”

Neue Arbeiten von Elfo.

Update: Elfo

“street miracle 1″

“street miracle 2″

“715″ (transfered in horizontal 715 leafs)

Neue Arbeiten von Elfo. Via: Mail

BR1 & Elfo: “Basezero”

Das neue Projekt von BR1 & Elfo: “Basezero”, Skalitzer Straße, Oktober 2011. Via: Mail

I can has cheezburger, porn and street art? Yes! Der erste LOL-Street-Art-Porn-Kalender:

I can has cheezburger, porn and street art? Yes, you can! Welcome to the first lolstreetart calender (2012, limited edition, 666 pcs., 19,90 €, PRE-ORDER HERE/HIER VORBESTELLEN) ever – serving you delicious new works made by twelve of the best and most humorous street artists worldwide. Attention: explicit visuals!

Featuring new works from: OX, France, MR TALION, Germany, VARIOUS & GOULD, Germany, HOMER, Ukraine, TILT, France, BRONCO, Germany, MATHIEU TREMBLIN, France, ELFO, Italy, TONY WEINGARTNER, France, SPY, Spain, BORIS HOPPEK, Germany & HARMEN DE HOOP, Netherlands.

You´re still not sure if you understood the theme? Let me explain: MILF, bukkake, cumstache, deepthroat, teabagging or Dirty Sanchez – pornography created the Internet. Today 12 percent of all websites contain porn, 25 percent of all search-engine requests made every day are about porn, that´s around 68 million a day, and 35 percent of all Internet downloads are porn. After porn mankind created lolcats. The net is the best thing that ever happened to cats. Who would have ever imagined that the Internet, once invented for military purposes and expanded for communication among scientists, will become a global spank bank and a worldwide cat picture distribution system?

But where is the connection to street art? Street art is characterized by a simplified and grass-roots democratic approach that allows anyone to produce and present art – simply and inexpensively. Using the Internet, today´s artist can also gain wide recognition rapidly without the aid of gallery owners, PR agents, or curators. Just as music groups can disseminate and sell their songs through social networks and video platforms, works of street artists get viral on the net and artists are able to make their first breakthrough. Lolcats (LOL for „laughing out loud“) became a global mem, a big running gag for geeks and nerds. And like nerds are making their jokes in virtual space, street artists are hacking the public space for their in-jokes. Graffiti started with classical seventies tagging and style writing, evolved into artful calligraphic and three-dimensional images, then came the stickers, spray stencils and the experiments with temporary sculptures and illegal interventions. It was a long and serious fight for acceptance, but now, after graffiti and street art is almost a mainstream phenomenon and universally accepted in the art scene, with its own museums shows, specialized art galleries and collectors… now comes the humor. Today’s street artists, like hackers and nerds, are mostly acting anonymous and subverting the system, they’re all playing with space, remixing art history with pop culture and political activism, creating context-sensitive works with great passion and fun. The postmodern European street artist seems to be the new king´s jester. Laughing out loud about the whole situation – without really having the power to change it. Irony replaced the utopia! The new motto is: If we cannot make the world a better place, let´s make it a funnier place! „I did it for the lulz“ is the new motivation – on the net and on the street. Hope you´re laughing out loud with this first lolstreetart calender ever – and never forget: It´s all about the pussy, my friend!

We did it for the lulz:
Curated by: Alain Bieber
Layout: Matthias Müller
Production: Andreas Ullrich
Cover & Print: diesiebdrucker.de, stickma.de
Distribution: stickermag.com
Release: October 2011; Price: € 19,90; Format: 29,7 x 42 cm; Features: 14 pages, full colour, serigraph cover

PS: Das ist mein vorläufiges Abschiedsgeschenk an Euch! Denn jetzt bin ich erst einmal eine Weile unterwegs – zunächst im Urlaub und danach bei der “Professional Media Master Class” in Halle und beim “DokFest Leipzig“! Bis bald – ich liebe Euch alle!

Update: Elfo

Neue Aktion von Elfo: “i make this stuff because i don’t like a page of google images with a GOLD FISH IN ART”. Via: Mail

Update: Elfo

“Conversation” und “Surrealist Conversation” von Elfo in Verona. Via: Mail

Update: Elfo

Neue Arbeit von Elfo: “I make this stuff for use in a street art as classical art subject: the meat. For a long time i think whot and how i make this (and the part of meat to use brain, cleaver etc…). When i saw this gray tongue i think… at the yellow pill!” Via: Mail

Update: Elfo

Neue Arbeiten von Elfo, diesmal aus Korsika: “The first picture is the second part of “Transfer” (I transferred a little square of the beach from Corse to Verona) and the second picture is “Sabotage Smile”: I found a smile at a beach in Corse where people write with stones – and i changed it into a sad smiley…” Via: Mail

Update: Elfo

“Quechua”-Zelt für Obdachlose, Kontaktaufnahme mit Bloggern und ein Regenswunsch – von Elfo in Verona. Via: Mail, thx!