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Elfo: “Monochromo”

Neue Arbeit von Elfo.

“Public Arena”: Neue Arbeiten von Elfo, Markus Butkereit, BR1, Fra.Biancoshock & Co.

BR1: “A lesson in democracy”, Cambridge (USA), 2013

Elfo + Markus Butkereit: “Electric Guitar”, Torino, 2013

Fra.Biancoshock: “La guerra dei cent’anni”, Milano, 2013

Markus Butkereit: “Anita Ekberg”, Torino, 2013 & “Poste e telecommunicazioni” (BR1, Fra.biancoshock, Markus Butkereit), Torino, 2013

Dottporkas: A fallin’ Country / Massafra (TA) 2009; Pane e amianto / Balangero (TO), 2010

Schöne Gruppenausstellung in Turin: “Public Arena” mit BR1, Markus Butkereit, Elfo, Fra.Biancoshock, Gec, dottporkas & The Wa. “The arena in which these artists choose to set up their “actions”, in accordance with each one’s practices and strategies, reveals a clear etymological and cultural drift of the term “Street Art”: the urban intervention opens up to experimentations on the edge between design, art photography, relational aesthetics and Net Art. The illegality, or rather the voluntary violation of forbidden areas, public or private, real or virtual, unites all the actions and determines their nature of opposition and denunciation. The focus of their works is headed for the inconsistencies of the global socio-political system, which becomes the subject of a creative and visual research that reveals the precarious balance and the misleading prophecies of the contemporary world.” Via: Mail

Elfo: “I sell this”

Der große Sell Out: Nachdem Elfo bereits ein Stück seiner Haut bei Ebay versteigert hat, verkauft er jetzt “Street-Art-Ideen” für 5 Euro. Via: Mail, thx!

Elfo: “BDH”

Neuer Schabe(r)nack von Elfo. Via: Mail, grazie!

Update: Elfo

“111″: Elfo in Venedig – und wieder ein neues Genre erfunden: “Animal Street Art”. Via: Mail, gracie!

Update: Elfo

“tags transfer (cut and paste tags)”

50×50 lives on 50×50 deaths

With Fra-Biancoshock: “Welcome” (eggs and nails)


“taking away the red within the picture”

Neue Experimente & Performances im öffentlichen Raum von Elfo.

Elfo: “Ich bin ein…”

Performance-Serie von Elfo: “Ich bin ein…” Straßenpoller, Stuhl und Fahrradschloß.

Elfo: “After Tea Weed”

Und was kommt nach dem Tee? Natürlich ein Tütchen! Ein Update von Elfo. Via: Mail

Elfo: “Tea”

17 Uhr in Italien? “Tea Time” für Elfo! Via: Mail, grazie!