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GEC & BR1: “Hay and asphalt”

Warum liegt hier überhaupt Stroh rum? Schöne neue Kooperation zwischen GEC und BR1 in Turin. “An unauthorized intervention in which the two artists go through the streets of the area “Barriera di Milano”, pushing a bale of hay and dodging pedestrians and cars. The action will end with the final occupation of a car park. The forcefulness of the performance lies in its different reading keys, sometimes romantic, sometimes humorous. More or less consciously, various issues about current events are touched: from the relationship between natural and artificial landscapes, to the unbridled resources consumption in urban centers; from the different uses of the public soil to the rediscovery of the rural area, seen as an individual resistance to the depersonalizing pressure of the global economy.” Eine ähnliche Performance hat vor einigen Jahren einmal der deutsche Künstler Eric Pries realisiert. Via: Mail

Pizza-Adbusting: BR1 & GEC

Neue Aktion von BR1 & GEC: “A fast action in which the two artists, disguised as advertising company employees, simulate to clean the glass of a big light billboard, but they make it dirty with a mixture of water, flour and tomato. The aim is to obscure the commercial advertising. In this way, the billboard looks opaque and lose his function. The action intend to reflect upon the relation between advertisement and urban landscape.” Via: Mail, thx!

“Public Arena”: Neue Arbeiten von Elfo, Markus Butkereit, BR1, Fra.Biancoshock & Co.

BR1: “A lesson in democracy”, Cambridge (USA), 2013

Elfo + Markus Butkereit: “Electric Guitar”, Torino, 2013

Fra.Biancoshock: “La guerra dei cent’anni”, Milano, 2013

Markus Butkereit: “Anita Ekberg”, Torino, 2013 & “Poste e telecommunicazioni” (BR1, Fra.biancoshock, Markus Butkereit), Torino, 2013

Dottporkas: A fallin’ Country / Massafra (TA) 2009; Pane e amianto / Balangero (TO), 2010

Schöne Gruppenausstellung in Turin: “Public Arena” mit BR1, Markus Butkereit, Elfo, Fra.Biancoshock, Gec, dottporkas & The Wa. “The arena in which these artists choose to set up their “actions”, in accordance with each one’s practices and strategies, reveals a clear etymological and cultural drift of the term “Street Art”: the urban intervention opens up to experimentations on the edge between design, art photography, relational aesthetics and Net Art. The illegality, or rather the voluntary violation of forbidden areas, public or private, real or virtual, unites all the actions and determines their nature of opposition and denunciation. The focus of their works is headed for the inconsistencies of the global socio-political system, which becomes the subject of a creative and visual research that reveals the precarious balance and the misleading prophecies of the contemporary world.” Via: Mail

BR1 in Trier

Neue Arbeit von BR1 in Trier. Via: Mail

BR1: “Publicize this cut”

Neue Arbeit von BR1, die auf die Schnittbilder von Lucio Fontana anspielt:
“1. Advertising is paid form of ideas, goods and services while publicity is not paid by the sponsor.
2. Advertising comes from an identified sponsor while publicity comes from a neutral and impartial source.
3. Advertising is controllable by the organisation while publicity is not controllable because it comes from a neutral source.
4. Advertising is less credible in comparison to publicity while publicity is more credible because it comes from an impartial source.
5. Advertising is what you or your organisation says and promotes about you or your organisation but publicity is what others say for you or your organisation.
6. Most of the times in advertising social responsibility is ignored while in publicity special focus is given on social responsibility.” Via: Mail

Neue Arbeiten von BR1

Vorher/Nachher: verpacktes Billboard als Hommage an Christo. “a clear tribute to christo technique, but made with paper and on a billboard. duration: 3 days. the result of intervention is a decontexualized element in the street, that lost his function.”

Weitere neue Arbeiten des italienischen Künstlers BR1: “Dead and reborn in the same day”, Asti, 2012 – und “Welcome to big babol”, Turin, 2012: “I have seen a documentary about US army in Afganistan, focusing on technics of control. and one of them is to give sweets to children, in order to make them less hostile.” Via: Mail, thx!

BR1: “Ads are destroying our critical thinking”

Neue Arbeit von BR1 in Berlin: “advertisment confuse every day our choises exalting qualities that doesn’t exist and crating a sort of shame world. today, in a moment of financial insecurity, we must discover the real value and authenticity of what we have and we need.” Via: Mail, grazie!

BR1: “Blue Back Collision”

Eine neue Arbeit von BR1 in Turin: “You know that I am workink on paper realizing posters and I am focusing the attention on the billboards. But the relation between the public space (in this case the billboard) and the material, the paper, is important and bring me often and often to study this relation. I think paper represent at his best the bi-dimensionality. and I was forced to work with this bi-dimensionality. The poster on billboard is flat. If I tryed with Elfo to bring out the thickness of bills in berlin, digging a big circle in advertisement, this time I tryed to work on the tri-dimensionality, in a way really simple and essential. if the study is the relation beetwen the billboard and the paper, I used only a blue back advertisement paper, working on it to come out from the flat billboard.” Via: Mail

BR1 & Elfo: “Basezero”

Das neue Projekt von BR1 & Elfo: “Basezero”, Skalitzer Straße, Oktober 2011. Via: Mail

Update: The Wa

Das neue Projekt von The Wa in Turin: The Wa kopierte dazu Blumen-Plakatwände, die er zuvor in Nordkorea gesehen hatte. Diese Blumen, wurden auf den Namen des Führers, Kim Jong-il (“Kimilsungia“), getauft. Die ersten beiden Bilder sind von The Wa in Turin, die beiden unteren Originale aus Nordkorea. Via: Mail, merci!