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Szpilman Award 2010: Sara Nuytemans & Arya Pandjalu

And the winners are: Sara Nuytemans & Arya Pandjalu: “Treebute to Yogya”.

Unter den Besten 7: Berndnaut Smilde: “Nimbus” @ Probe: “It is a test lab, an artistic skinner box. Its small and practical dimensions enables artists, to create works on scale, that are unthinkable in real life. The architecture of the space is flexible and wholly subservient to the exhibition: walls can be extended, doors can be removed, a floor made of glass, mirrors or wood, even the lighting situation can be fully controlled.”

Anna Gohmert: “Im Schatten der Antike”. Alles zum Award 2010 auch hier. Und vgl.: Szpilman Award 2009, Szpilman Award 2008 und Szpilman Award 2007.