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Update: Aljoscha

Neue Arbeit von Aljoscha – diesmal in Havana. Via: Mail

Update: Aljoscha

31.05-05.06.2011, Venice: “Thirsty bioism creature at the fountain of Rialto-market, rising up its water content, maintaining plasma volume, keeping thermal regulation upright, dissolving, metabolizing. After water drinking, the pet was glad to kiss the door of european center for living technology and participate in funking around with highly adorable La Tunca Art Foundation, what caused an immediate expropriation of it by François Pinault Foundation.

After a couple of days we are so far to see our pet and going to visit the mighty animal euthanasia organization. yes, the thirsty child is alive, but new owner has no idea about desires and needs of living artworks. please send it to our headquarters: PO Box 1300, MI6 cultural department, London SE1 1BD, UK.

31.05-05.06.2011: Göttingen: “Experimental physics by Lichtenberg figure: bioism electric discharges that sometimes appear on the surface or the interior of insulating materials.”

Neue Arbeiten von Aljoscha in Venedig und Göttingen. Via: Mail, thx!

Update: Aljoscha

Neue Arbeit im öffentlichen Raum von Aljoscha: “13.05.2011: Graz. bioism creature meets the candy machine of Graz, exploring desire for sweetness, hardwired into humans; obviously sweets triggering production of the brain’s natural opioids; further studies are needed to see if early treatment of abnormal blood sugar regulation can help to prevent mental substance intoxication.” Via: Mail, thx!

Update: Aljoscha

Aljoscha war in Thessaloniki: “bioism creature explores greek fishers, pursuing after the unknown and unseen; causing crisis metamorphosis”. Via: Mail, thx!

Aljoscha: “2010: transponding to Σελήνη”

Neue Aktion von Aljoscha in München: “bioism creatures #64 & #124 transporting walkers with the help of the beggar via Moon to outer bigger galaxies of universe for a small coin.” Via: Mail

Aljoscha: B-Meeting in Düsseldorf

Neue Bioism-Kreaturen von Aljoscha am Pappelwäldchen in Düsseldorf. Via: Mail

Update: Aljoschas “Mailbox”

Neue Arbeit von Aljoscha in Düsseldorf: “Bioism creature meets the post service: it sends 3 letters to future bestiariums.” Via: Mail

Update: Aljoscha in Wien

Aljoscha am Sigmund-Freud-Platz, Wien: “Bioism creature meets the silent voice of the intellect during the observations of perpetual movements of nucleoli in the nerve cells.” Via: Mail

Aljoscha: Biosm in Düsseldorf

Neue Bioism-Aktion von Aljoscha in Düsseldorf: “04.04.2010: Martin-Luther-Platz, Düsseldorf. bioism creature meets blacksmith with his pupil: we “will use artificial molecules to reproduce emergent behaviour from natural biology, with the goal of creating artificial life or seek interchangeable biological parts to assemble them into devices and systems that function in a manner not found in nature”ˆ. from homo faber to homo creator!” Außerdem gibt’s auch eine Ausstellung: “bioism aims to spread new and endless forms of life throughout the universe”, ab 16. April, ARTUNITED, Garnisongasse 11/12, Eingang Rotenhausgasse 10, Wien. Via: Mail

Aljoscha: “Aldi-Bioism”, 2010

Aljoscha hat eine seiner Werke zum Discounter gebracht – und dort wurde seine “biofuturistische” Skulptur nach nur 13 Minuten gekauft. “13.02.2010: Discounter ALDI, Düsseldorf/Oberkassel: “bioism creature explores the big world of shopping. after 13 min. of meditating about goods and their faiths it was bought by some happy consumer. satisfaction at both sides.” Ein Video von der Aktion gibt’s hier, mehr zu Aljoscha auch hier. Via: Mail & Florian, danke!