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Szpilman Award 2012: Miná Minov

Miná Minov wins the Szpilman Award 2012 for his work “Bribe a Jury“.

“Gulp”: Kush Badhwar travels with three friends from Sydney to Canberra. Over the course of the trip, he takes a mouthful of water from his house to the final place of the journey. Cause of this action, not he, but his companions and the landsape are becoming the performer.

“Cabinet”: Alex Jones is enclosed in a metal cabinet and disentangle himself with a metal cutter.

“Oase der Ruhe”: Max Schranner installs on an exhibition a radio play, that can only be heard alone via headphones. Topic of his radio play is an exhibition situation. Gradually he makes his listener an accomplice of his thoughts, at first generally and friendly, little by litte he asserts forcefully.

“Luke Skywalker project”: Amanda Wachob tattooed a portrait of Luke Skywalker with the intention of having Luke’s hand actually laser removed from the tattoo (Luke Skywalker has his right hand lasered off by Darth Vader in the ‘Empire Strikes Back’).

Der Gewinner des diesjährigen Szpilman Award 2012 steht fest: Miná Minov! Glückwunsch zu dieser gelungenen Bestechung. Die besten 4 sind: Kush Badhwar, Alex Jones, Max Schranner und Amanda Wachob. Herzlichen Glückwunsch! Via: Mail, thx Patrick!

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