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Szpilman Award 2011: Top 6

Jaroslav Kyša gewinnt für seine Performance “The Barrier” den diesjährigen Szpilman Award: Kyša nutzt Tauben als lebende Hindernisse in London, indem er heimlich ihr Lieblingsfutter vor Geschäfte oder auf Straßen streut.

Die fünf weiteren Favoriten der Jury sind:

Jaś Domicz für seine Performance “Joyride”: “Domicz goes on a sensual joyride by taking a long circular walk around his neighborhood. He thereby lets his hand continuously touch all the walls, doors, gates and whatever comes his way.”

David Horvitz mit seinem Projekt “Public Access”: “Horvitz drove up the entire coast of Florida an stopped at every coastal access-point, where he took a picture of the ocean, with him standing somwhere in the scenery. He then uploaded these pictures onto the according Wikipedia-articles off all of those beaches. After some time, several Wikipedia-editors recognized the fact, that there´s always the same person on each shot of those beaches and edited or deleted the pictures, but you can still find him, if you search!

Petr Krátký für seine Performance “Pentaton”: “Petr Krátký uses public sculptures as percussion instruments for creating a repetetive and beautifully melodic rhythm.”

Jinho Lim und sein Kite-Hühnchen: “Chicken n Kite”. “Jinho Lim attaches a small beautiful kite to a chicken, which now flies a kite.”

Péter Szabó und seine Aktion “Buna Dimineata!”: “Szabó lit fireworks and fired confetti-canons and smoke-machines for the workers who arrived early in the morning at factories and a bus-station in Romania and Hungary. As some of these factories were to be shut down soon, his labor of love towards the stressed and worried workers appears almost like an alien artistic ritual in the midst of a hopeless daily routine.” Via: Mail

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