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Szpilman Award 2008

Kamila Szejnoch installs a tiny swing at the monumental bronze ‘Berling Army Soldier’ in Warsaw. She suggests a change in the function of the monuments, attempting to build a bridge between the present and the past, adding a contemporary layer distinct from their original style and function. She asks, what a particular memorial actually refers to and what kind of history it conceals.

Giorgina Choueiri transforms people into potatoes. The potato heads grow, sprout, and decay.

Kate Mitchell is sawing a hole through the floor, she is turning an adventure out of a cartoon into a real act.

Julia Dick tries to learn the gestures of the german chancellor Angela Merkel during her speech at a public election campaign. She tries to jam with these movements. Without asking, in front of thousands of people.

Sai Hua Kuan draws a black line through white rooms, in a rapid way.

Christopher Richmond steps onto the roof of his three-story apartment building and proceeds to paint the sky blue in a painterly gesture by spraying three cans of ‘Blue Sky’ colored aerosol spray into the sky. / Christopher Richmond chases the horizon. This is a performance of a written score. The score ‘Chase the Horizon’ can be repeated. The performance lasts as long as the horizon is visible.

Denkmal-Schaukel, Horizont-Jagd, Merkel-Jam: Es lebe die flĂĽchtige Situation! Der charmanteste Kunstpreis der Welt, der Szpilman Award, hat wieder Kunstprojekte, die nur fĂĽr kurze Zeit existieren, prämiert. Es gab rund 298 Einsendungen aus aller Welt – die besten Sieben seht ihr oben. Ăśbrigens wird es auch bald eine “Best-Of 2003 – 2008“-Ausstellung geben. Wir freuen uns drauf! Danke, Tim!

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