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Specter: “Unwanted Collaborations / Sidebusts”, 2010

Swoon vs. Specter

Faile vs. Specter

Bast vs. Specter

Das neue Projekt von Specter wird fĂĽr Aufregung in der Szene sorgen: Denn fĂĽr seine “ungewollten Kooperationen” hat der US-KĂĽnstler die bestehenden (und fast zerfallenen) Street-Art-Werke anderer KĂĽnstler verfremdet – und zwar so gut, dass es Aussenstehenden schwer fällt zwischen “Original” und “Eingriff” zu unterscheiden. “Once again, Specter is messing with people’s heads in an awesome way”, schreibt Vandalog. “For his latest pieces, which he’s calling “sidebusts,” Specter has “collaborated” with various street artists in New York by adding on to work that they had already put up. In the case of the above sidebust of a Swoon poster, the top half of the piece was falling apart and had been partially written over, but Specter brought it back to a state that looks almost like new. So far, Specter has done similar work on street art by Skewville, Bast and Faile.” Ein vergleichbares und ebenso streitbares Projekt kam damals von Mr. Talion in Berlin: “Buy my Street Art“.

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