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Skulptur 2007

Ron Mueck, A Girl, 2006

Ron Mueck, Mask II, 2000

Dieses Jahr werden die Leipziger Schueler sitzenbleiben! Postsozialistische Realitaet war gestern, aber sowas von vorgestern. 2007 wird das Jahr der Skulptur!

Warum? Darum!

1. Immer mehr junge Kuenstler experimentieren mit der Form und Materie der klassischen Skulptur, wie z.B. Ulla Reiter mit ihren Schaumstoff-Skulpturen oder Mark Jenkins mit seinen Street Installationen und Klebeband-Skulpturen.   

Ulla Reiter, space marine liberator, 2006

Mark Jenkins, DC, 2006

2. Viele internationale Kuenstler haben der “Skulptur” durch neue Definitionen, Anwendungen und Experimenten zu mehr Freiheit verholfen. Tino Sehgals agierende Museumsaufsichten sind nichts anderes als “lebende Skulpturen”. Erwin Wurms ephemere, vor den Augen des Zuschauers entstehenden Skulpturen, beruhen auf Walter Benjamins Diktum der ¬ĽReproduzierbarkeit¬ę, so das ZKM. Mit Bananen, Stuehlen oder Dosen kann sich jeder Besucher selbst in eine “One Minute Sculpture” verwandeln. Nicht das Objekt, sondern der Vorgang wird zum Werk.¬†

3. Klar, klar, alles nichts neues! Duane Hanson begann bereits in den 60er Jahren mit hyperrealistischer Bildhauerei. Und bereitete das Feld fuer Cattelan, Hirst, Mueck oder die Chapman Brothers¬†vor – die heute alle zu den meistgesammelten, zeitgenoessischen¬†Kuenstlern gehoeren. Aber vor allem lenkten sie und lenken noch immer die Aufmerksamkeit auf die Kunstform “Skulptur”.

Duane Hanson, Quennie II, 1988

Chapman Brothers, Unholy Libel (Six Feet Under), 1997

Maurizio Cattelan, La Nona Ora (The Ninth Hour), 1999  

4. Zahlreiche Ausstellungen im In- und Ausland: Bis zum Februar gibt es noch¬†die grosse Solo-Ausstellung von Ron Muek im Brooklyn Museum. Und im Sommer 2007 finden zum vierten Mal die Skulptur Projekte M√ľnster statt. Diese internationale Gro√üausstellung l√§dt seit 1977 im zehnj√§hrigen Rhythmus K√ľnstlerinnen und K√ľnstler aus aller Welt ein, ihre Werke in der Stadt entstehen zu lassen.

Aber genug der langen Rede. Glaubt es mir: Die Skulptur erlebt 2007 ein Revival! Bis zum naechsten Revival der Malerei.


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  1. Patricia Williams,

    La Nona Ora is sick! I did not like it at all. The late Pope John Paul II was a great man and the artist who created this piece is evil.

  2. Srdjan,

    Patricia, you are evil!

  3. Eric,

    These pieces do what art should do..evoke feelings/reactions. Like it or not, this is art!

  4. Dominik Rethe,

    F*ck the pope.

  5. Maddi,

    Excellently done…

    Mueck and Jenkins are classics for collections of hyperrealistic sculpture, but Duane Hanson and Maurizio Cattelan were a pleasant surprise. The commentary may not be my native language, but the pieces certainly speak for themselves!

  6. Saul Wall,

    Why would someone feel such emotion over an image that is not real? No popes were injured in the making of this art.

  7. Saul Wall,

    And the late Pope John Paul II was at best an amiable celebrity. His credentials for being a “great man” are about as convincing as Rosie O’Donnell’s credentials for being a thoughtful and soft spoken philosopher.

  8. Jeremy,

    Evil? how is that evil? artists are allowed to express themselves however they see fit. Just as i am. these are very emotional pieces. very impressive work.

  9. Dave,

    Art is all about opinion. Personally, I like this a lot.

  10. John,

    That is true, Jeremy. People do have the right to express themselves. However, that doesn’t make it any less evil. While the pope did little of immense importance, he was a decent human being, nonetheless. I certainly wouldn’t want a statue of myself of this nature after I died. This piece is an insult to someone who really didn’t have it coming. And that’s the cold, hard, truth.

  11. Greg,

    Well, hey, here is my two cents worth. The people who don’t like it, don’t look at it, but remember, someone may look at the piece and find God. I just think that it’s great that people have differing opinions, and we should all respect that.
    Evil is in the mind.

  12. Brim,

    These were amazing. The pieces made me sit down and think, which is rare. Usually my attention span only allows me to look at art, not really delve into the how and why. I am very impressed, and hope that other people can open their minds to see how powerful these pieces were as well.

  13. Robert,

    This comment is in responce to the people complaining about the John Pual peice. READ THE DATE if you knew anything about John Pual you would know he died around 8 years after this was created…

  14. Rodders,


  15. Marc,

    This absurd conflation with an artistic representation and evil and their besmirching of the alleged good works of a figurehead for an autonomous religious body are absurd. Good works or not, this is art and makes you think and emote. Sometimes it is a work of polemic and you should respect that opinion even though it may not be your own. I detest this idea that religion should be untouchable. Why should it not be questioned, poked at, dissected? Just as it is revered, applauded and feared by others?

  16. Jen x,

    time and unforseen occurance befall us all!

  17. Thank you for posting these photographs.

  18. m.bal x,

    this is the most amazing thing i’ve ever seen in my life.
    i agree w. everyone who was “downing” the pope.

  19. Amazing sculptures!! It is a pity that some of the
    message leavers are unable to appreciate not only the technical expertese, expression & humour, and accept it for what it is… ART! Thanks for the Stumble.

  20. Bill van Eck,

    although I do not appreciate the subject matter of the artist from a objective point I do see it as a great piece of art.

  21. All great art has evoked comment and criticism through the ages. The art and postings that follow prove that these pieces are doing exactly as the artists intended. They are making us think!

  22. some of those are kinda scary looking

  23. Ida,

    im in love these are so inspiring, especially the one of the man lost in the city wall.

  24. leah,

    John Paul was not as great as you may think.

    Great pieces

  25. Tyler,

    I am inclined to agree with Greg a ways up there, evil is in the mind. Both of the perpetrator, and of the perceiver. After all, I suspect the sculpture of the late pope was not an attack at all, but merely a piece to make one think, thus, there was no intent to offend. Thusly, any offense is purely formed by the perceiver. But I digress. These images are very ingenious, both imaginative, and surreal. They made my day!

  26. Chris,

    patricia, it’s called “The ninth hour” obviously when Christ yielded up the spirit. It looks like John Paul is still fighting, I think it’s beautiful.

  27. poopface,

    I hope a boulder falls on me when I die ad then someone makes a sculpture of it. At least I wouldn’t JUST be remembered as a pope then. I would be something more.

  28. Justin,

    Art Is Passion. Passion Causes Debate. If A Piece Of Art Doesn’t Cause Some Sort Of Debate, Doesn’t Stir Up Some Passion One Way Or Another, Be It With The Art Itself Or The Subject Matter Then Is It ART??
    There Is And Never Will Be Evil In Art Because As Soon As Everyone Agrees It’s Evil Won’t It Cease To Be Art?

  29. Patrick,

    The sculpture of the pope must be looked at as it is presented, out of context. And also, like most great art, look for metaphors of what moght be going on. Such as how he still holds the crucifix off the ground, and how the boulder could be the weight of opposition attempting to crush an indomitable spirit. I am by no means a catholic, but even I can read more into it than just a shallow depiction of blasphemy.
    If that is all you see, stick to looking at the stained glass in your churches. The ones that show Jesus being killed. Art is so much more than what it initially appears to be.

  30. huesos,

    yeaaa fuck the pope. fuck all popes

  31. Maybe they should do one of Pope Benedict doing the nazi salute. Evil yes, but very true. Besides whether it was done before or after The late Pope John Paul II, who cares. Maybe it was to provoke the bible thumping religious fanatics like the ones above to come out of the woodwork, and prove my point, that organized religion is bullshit, and full of hypocrisy. Thanks ya’ll, great job trying to act all high and mighty and coming off sounding like the true tools you are. @ Patrick. I was catholic too, and don’t feel that this is at all blasphemy. Just honesty in art form.

  32. scruffyone,

    for all these pope fans out there, how do you know he was a good man. did you know him at all? or are you just saying that because people tell you he was a good man. he may have been a right c*nt for all you know. personally i think anyone who has such outmoded views on things such as homosexuality and abortion must be a bit of an idiot. along with all the sheep who follow what he says. george carlin had it right (may he rest in peace)

  33. artgirl,

    The perspective is brilliant. Anyone who saw the work of “Maurizio Cattelan, La Nona Ora (The Ninth Hour)” being “evil”… well in my eyes might see the glass half empty. The Pope is obviously still alive, and the piece is representing possibly an Apocalypse. Instead of taking a “Good” or “Evil” side, look at the perspective from the artist. Not yourself, because you can’t delegate what brought tears to other individuals eyes, and what truly touched them. Your opinion will only last a short amount of time, while what was created will last much longer.

  34. uh,

    Personally I don’t think the Pope piece is all that great. Religion-bashing has become too prevalent and over done. Too easy. This just seems crass and lazy, like the artist thought to themselves, how can I offend as many people as possible while getting my message across? It’s just too ‘modern’ in its presentation. This anything goes attitude of art is good in some ways, as it opens ways for artists to express themselves, but it also opens the doorway to lazy/con-artist artists. Case in point; a piece that is literally a turd on a plate, entitled ‘dinner’. Wow, I just thought up a great concept, right? It’ll get right into the Moma. Just too overdone.

  35. jesse,

    this is krazy with a capitalized k


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