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Sil Krol: “White box with Blue and Orange stripes”

Sil Krol hat einen funktionslosen Kubus in den Farben der niederl√§ndischen Polizei geschm√ľckt und auf einer Verkehrsinsel in Breda aufgestellt: “With CCTV and telephone taps becoming common place, we are headed for a controlled society, where fear and panic play an important role. The governments’ obsession to control every aspect of public life rages on, boundaries are pushed and from these newly set boundaries new laws are formed. Camera Control (already an accepted phenomena in the streets) and phone taps are abstract concepts which we can barely grasp. In Breda Sil Krol (1986) placed a closed off, white cube with the distinctive Dutch police decals. Positioned on legs it fully integrated into its surroundings. Anonymously and without approval or request it was placed in a neighbourhood where (serious) crime and public life intersect. The cube was completely empty and the exact intent of the cube was unknown. This created a wide range of speculation and buzz some positive and harmless but also negative and violent. By way of experimenting with an aesthetic form Krol tried to control and to give insight on the current relationship between authority and citizens in our democracy. A democracy where safety and privacy are constantly under pressure.” Via: Mail, thx!

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