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“Round 2. The Future Of DIY Activism” @ Delai Sam, 19./20. April 2014, Moskau

Adam Harvey: “CV Dazzle“: “CV Dazzle explores how fashion can be used as camouflage from face-detection technology, the first step in automated face recognition.”

Aram Bartholl: “Killyourphone” & “Dead Drops“. “Dead Drops” is an anonymous, offline, peer to peer file-sharing network in public space. / Killyourphone is an open workshop format. Participants are invited to make their own signal blocking phone pouch super fast for little money.

Dennis P Paul: “Nullstecker”. Nullstecker is a very simple hack consisting of 220 V power plugs modifed to trigger short circuits when plugged into the wall, shutting down all electricity.

Evan Roth: “Available Online For Free“. DIY: Download Russian Version.

Mitch Altman: “TV-B-Gone“. “You can use TV-B-Gone to control access to television for philosophical or practical reasons, or simply to have fun!”

Simone C. Niquille: “Realface Glamouflage“. Realface Glamouflage is a collection of Tshirts offering facial recognition dazzle.

James Bridle: “Drone Shadow Handbook”. A guide to drawing Drone Shadows.

Mr. Impact/Andreas Ullrich: “Defekt”. Diverse Sticker, u.a. “Liebe. Freiheit. Alles” & “Defekt”

U.R.A./FILOART : “I.-R.A.S.C. II F.C.P.“. Infra-red light against surveillance cameras II face care & protect.

::vtol: wird eine neue Arbeit für die Ausstellung bauen, eine Apparat, mit der man den Schmutzgehalt der Luft analysieren kann. “Having analyzed air content the algorithm forms a small 2D image taking the photos of the dirtiest cities and converting them to the abstract computer graphics. Pushing on the button it is possible to print a little digital image immediately. This instrument is to move in the city to search the dirtiest places for their virtual cleaning by means of converting pollution data into micro objects of digital art which are remained on any surface.”

Vladimir Turner & Ondřej Mladý: “Safety First“. To denounce the inadequate number of bike lanes, one of the artists rides a bike through Prague night’s traffic, through parks and crowds, turning his path into a DIY bike lane, which was screened on the street in front of him through a small projector installed on the handle bars.

Where The Dogs Run: Gadget to switch off the russian “Shanson” Radio Station.

Das russische Kollektiv Partizaning organisiert mit zahlreichen anderen Mitstreitern in Moskau das jährliche DIY-Festival Delai Sam (Делай Сам). Ich bin vor Ort, halte einen Vortrag zum Thema “Subversion, Fake und Fun im öffentlichen Raum” und habe auch eine kleine DIY-Ausstellung kuratiert. Mit dabei sind Arbeiten von: Adam Harvey, Aram Bartholl, Dennis P Paul, Evan Roth, Mitch Altman, Simone C. Niquille, James Bridle, Mr. Impact/Andreas Ullrich, U.R.A./FILOART, ::vtol:, Vladimir Turner, Ondřej Mladý & Where The Dogs Run.

Da im letzten Jahr bei der Delai Sam-Ausstellung u.a. Guerilla Gardening, Adbusting und andere “90er”-Jahre-DIY-Techniken präsentiert wurden, wollte ich in diesem Jahr den Fokus auf “Digital/New Media Activism” legen und ein paar neue Projekte präsentieren, die sich an der Schnittstelle zwischen Medienkunst und Aktivismus bewegen. Das Besondere daran: Alle Werke sind reproduzierbar und können in bester DIY-Manier nachgebaut werden und inspirieren hoffentlich auch zu eigenen Hacks. Und damit das alles nicht zu politisch-dikatisch rüberkommt, wird das ganze am Ende in eine Finissage-Fashion-Show verwandelt. Der große Dank gilt allen Künstlern und Helfern, die bei dieser Ausstellung mitmachen, denn ist mal wieder eine 0-Budget-Herzblut-Ausstellung! #

Hier noch einmal ein Auszug aus dem Konzept in EN: “Activism is a continouus race. Every actions creates a counter-action. Guerilla Gardening, adbusting, temporary sculptures in urban space are nice tools, but in an contemporary and digital warfare seems already quite antiquate. The exhibition and fashion show “Round 2. The Future of DIY Activism” presents in a humorous and inspiring way art projects from new media, net.activism and hacktivism, that are questioning the new challenges of our digital environment, issues like mass surveillance, free (internet) culture, media manipulation – and what activist can do against it. The works show how a new generation of artists, designers and engineers are taking a highly critical approach to the development and use of the engineered systems and infrastructures that we increasingly rely on for daily life. And the particularity of the show is that all presented works can be reproduced, remixt, altered, improved, costumized. Because: After the industrial age and our digital age comes the maker age. More and more fab labs and hacker/maker spaces are popping up around the world competing with mass production and empowering people to create smart (activist) devices for themselves. We might have lost the first fight – but now comes round 2.”

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