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Ronen Eidelman: “Coming out in Lublin”, Polen

Stencil-Stolpersteine von Ronen Eidelman in Polen: “Around the city of Lublin in Poland, on empty buildings as well as inhabited ones, in the alleys of the old city on streets of the newer parts I posted photos of all kind of Jews who lived on these streets in these houses in between 1926 and 1941. In a modest gesture, I return the people in the photos to the place they where taken. The photos show all kind of Jews. Young, old, modern, religious, political activist, Bundist, Zionist, nihilists, bourgeois, Hasid, yeshiva student, communist, who knows? In some photos the identity is clearly visible, while in others its not so clear. Near the photos appear different questions in polish: Czy zawsze czuŇāeŇõ sińô inny od swoich przyjaci√≥Ňā? / Have you always felt different from your friends?; Czy w twojej rodzinie jest wielka tajemnica? / Does your family hide a great mystery/secret?; Czy twoja babcia mamrocze w obcym jńôzyku przez sen? / Does your grandmother mumble in her sleep in a foreign tongue?; Jakim ŇĽydem jesteŇõ? What kind of Jew are you?” Via: Mail, thanks!


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  1. these are very interesting and beautiful…

  2. Lubliner,

    Haha interessant, wohne dort gerade h√§tte nicht gedacht das es auf diese Seite “schafft”…

  3. jacqueline starmans,

    First “heroes” in Eindhoven, (it was interesting to show you around the hero-spots of the city) , now “coming out in lublin, socialy engaged and above all great work again.


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