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Roberto Voorbij: “Dreams”

Ein Rechtsruck in den Niederlanden – und es gibt die ersten k√ľnstlerischen Reaktionen: “Artwork in the public space as a response to the new right-wing coalition in the Netherlands”, schreibt Roberto Voorbij. “A minority government consisting of the conservative-liberal VVD and the center-right CDA, tolerated with the support of the Party for Freedom, a party whose main focus it is to halt especially Muslim immigrants. Or street art as a reaction to the overall increase of nationalism in Western politics and public opinion. The languages used are taken from the top five of migration to the Netherlands, concerning Non-Western countries. Derived from ‘The Migration Map’, a report by the Research and Documentation Centre of the Ministry of Justice. The countries: The Netherlands Antilles & Aruba, Turkey, Morocco, China and Suriname. The (official) languages: Dutch, Papiamentu, English, Turkish, Arabic, Mandarin and Sranan Tongo. Besides the visualization of a bureaucratic disposal of dreams the work can be interpreted more general as well. Or, as a representation of dreaming as purifying activity, as the processing of the stream of daily experiences. Or contrary, dreams as waste from the impressions which we receive every day…” Via: Mail, thx!


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  1. I think when I read this, I”ve the association…. throwing away dreams…. I have not immediatly an association with politics.

  2. yllen,

    dank je wel roberto, ben blij met je kunst!

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