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Quentin Dupieux alias Mr. Oizo: “Rubber”

Der französische Musiker & Filmemacher Quentin Dupieux alias Mr. Oizo gibt Gummi: Sein neuer Kurzfilm “Rubber” handelt von Robert, einem mörderischen Autoreifen mit ĂĽbersinnlichen Kräften. “Robert is a tire. An all season tire, by the looks of him. Well worn, but still lively as we realize when Robert literally comes to life, using psychic energy to raise himself upright and take his first tentative rolls towards self determination. He does the sorts of things tires like to do. He rolls. He squishes a bug. He squishes an empty plastic water bottle. And then, when he reaches an obstacle he cannot squish, Robert learns that he can use his psychic energies to make things explode. Bottles. Cans. Bunnies. Crows. He explodes them all. And then Robert falls in love with the beautiful brunette he sees driving through the desert. He follows but theirs is a love not to be and soon Robert’s rage explodes on those around him.” Klingt alles nach einer wilden Mischung aus Quentin Tarantino und dem “Angriff der Killertomaten”. Der Soudtrack ist auf jeden Fall schon mal richtig hörenswert – und kommt natĂĽrlich von Mr. Oizo persönlich und Gaspard AugĂ© von Justice. Interview bei ARTE, via/via.


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