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Wunderbarer Schabernack im Stadtraum: Verfremdete Vogelh√§user in allen Variationen ‚Ästein sprayendes, ein fotografierendes, ein tutendes oder ein flammenwerfendes Vogelhaus und zahlreiche “√ľberarbeitete” Stromk√§sten. Mein Favorit: “The Electric Inn. Find it. Share it. Somewhere in the streets of Stockholm there is an electric box which you can enter to stay warm and dry in. All you need to do is to find it and open it with a beer bottle. If you want to sleep somewhere else, just take it with you and hide it well. But remember: It’s for use in public spaces only.” Unbedingt mal reinschauen: “we are post. installing gadgets to send messages in public space. giving power to the people. converting static settings of your everyday life into buttons you are asked to press. creating little wonders and rumors for urban fairytales. we aren’t street art. we are post.” Via: Mail

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