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Phil America: “Slum Vacation”

Slum Vacation“: Der US-Künstler Phil America lebte 30 Tage in einem der größten Slums der Welt – in Klong Toey (rund 120.000 Menschen leben dort), Thailand. Seine Hütte, Videos und Bilder wurden danach an der Bangkok University Art Gallery ausgestellt: “The work itself shows American artist Phil America’s performance piece and the resulting sculptural and installation work that came of it. In the latter part of 2013 he moved to the Klong Toey slums, had a house built by a local carpenter in the same architectural manner as the other homes in the area, and interacted with the locals to achieve a better understanding of the area and life in the slums. The home, moved to the gallery with all of its contents after the duration of the performance, is presented with a multi-channel sound installation, traditionally used in cinemas, playing sound recorded in and around the house to give a 360- degree experience to the viewer taking them outside the gallery and into the heart of the slums. Along with the house and sound installation is a video projection showing the entire process mixed with video from the surrounding area and the school itself. The aim is to brining about some engagement, exceeding the exhibition, with the neighborhood as well as brining about universal awareness to an adverse life lived in the slums.” Via: Mail, thx!


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  1. Das erinnert mich doch sehr an das Austellen von Eingeborenen Naturvölkern in den Zoos vor hundert Jahren. Jetzt drehen wir den Spieß um und nennen es Kunst?

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