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Paul McGowan: Bombenalarm in Londoner Galerie

In London hat die Polizei die Galerie Mauger Modern Art gestĂĽrmt, nachdem sie einen Hinweis bekam, in der Galerie gäbe es eine Bombe. Die Bombe hat sich dann als Kunstwerk von Paul McGowan entpuppt: “Eight officers swooped on Mauger Modern Art in Pimlico yesterday after receiving a 999 call from a member of the public who feared there was a device ready to explode just inside the door. The gallery’s owner, Richard Mauger, said: “When they arrived, the majority of the police burst out laughing apart from one officer who was very angry and suggested we were part of a hoax.” They were confronted with a ÂŁ34,000 art installation — by contemporary artist Paul McGowan — which looked like sticks of old-fashioned dynamite, with a clock attached and wires protruding from the top.” (*) Ăśbrigens hat auch der britische KĂĽnstler Kris Martin eine Bombe produziert, die angeblich in 100 Jahren explodiert. Via

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