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Partizaning: “Guerilla Interventionen”

“Crosswalks”: Two zebra crossings appeared near Kievskaya metro station and directly next to the Ecoloft commune on Pyatnitskaya street. We were silly, and didn’t film pedestrians who ran in the the road before. But, more importantly, they can now safely cross. White stripes are subtly different from the official ones, but appearing handmade only emphasizes the main message: do it yourself. I want to draw attention to the fact that the sign is also handmade too.

“Benches”: Four knocked up, orange-painted benches are now installed in different locations in the city. The text on the label reads: “This bench was made by citizens for citizens. Nobody has paid us for it and we are not advertising anything. This city belongs to its residents and we can do it better ourselves, with our own hands.” And a postscript: “Use it for your health. Made with quality materials, colored, but not soil. In the process of making money was spent solely on the boards, paint, kefir and cakes.” The mysterious and absurd fate of one of the benches was highlighted on the blog of a popular radio station, Echo of Moscow. For some reason, the bench was roughly re-painted gray. Who and why remains a mystery, but the assumption is that it was painted by yardmen because the orange color is associated with the revolution in Ukraine.

“Cycling road signs”: For the last two years we (in our side project USE/LESS) we have been promoting cycling in Moscow by making cycling maps, markups and signs on the streets where it’s most comfort and safe to cycle. Maroseyka street where these signs were installed is one of the busiest bicycle routes in downtown of Moscow. Participants of Partizaning are spending a lot of time and effort so that one day everyone can safely and comfortably ride through the city on bike.

“Drunk Pedestrians”: Installed outside of the Moscow nightclub Solyanka, the most popular hipster hangout in the city, the sign is both practical and funny. It warns drivers to watch out for drunken pedestrians who fill the streets after a long night of partying. It also comments on the increasingly excessive lifestyles and hedonistic consumption in the city, as well as on the drinking problem, which is rampant in Russia.

Selbstgemalte Zebrastreifen, gefälschte Straßenschilder, selbstgebaute Bänke: Interventionen aus dem Umfeld des Kollektivs Partizaning in Russland. Via: Mail

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