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Ondrej Brody & Kristofer Paetau: Chinesischer Realismus

Das K√ľnstlerduo Brody &¬†Paetau¬†(“Transratfashion“,¬†”Le D√©jeuner sur l¬īherbe“) hat f√ľr sein neues Projekt “Painting China Now” Fotografien von chinesischen Folteropfern in √Ėl verewigt. Die Bilder¬†verfremden¬†geschickt die Ideale¬†der realistisch-sozialistischen¬†Malerei¬†- und bilden eine schmerzhaft-grausame Realit√§t ab: “Painting China Now” is a collection of thirty new oil paintings by Ondrej Brody & Kristofer Paetau. These works, depicting instances of violence inflicted by the Chinese government upon their own citizens, are rendered with a breathtaking realism. Such masterful craft and handling of paint has become alien to the west, specifically in our contemporary arts, provoking the artists to commission a professional Chinese craftsman via the internet to realize the paintings for a cheap price and to import them to Europe. The results are beautiful, seductive and desirable works whose motivation, through suggesting ‚Äėpainterly qualities‚Äô, is in fact to embody the realities of capitalist profit and political oppression in a painting.” Die Quelle des¬†Projekts und die ausgesuchten Motive¬†hier. Via: Mail


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  1. max,

    “In der Kunst vollendet
    und verewigt sich die
    revolte in der wahren
    Schöpfung, nicht in
    der Kritik oder dem

    Albert Camus


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