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NUG: “the concept is fuck you, yes you” @ FAME Festival

Fantastische Arbeit von NUG fĂĽr das italienische FAME Festival, die wieder einmal beweist: Eigentlich provozieren heute nur noch Tags, alles andere wird als willkommene Dekoration wahrgenommen: “Some people, the same people that usually smile at us ’cause they appreciate the festival, would meet us in the street and look somewhere else, embrassed to say hi. some other would come and say what we’ve done is not goodlooking and impossible to understand. the bravest ones would pull it out fully and say: hey, this is just horrible, it was a mistake, you know it right? now you have to buff it. the funny thing is that just 3 or 4 of these guys were trained vandals, the rest of them was a bunch of good guys and girls. what i love in what Nug does, is that the most obscure morbid shit can get to be social and funny. this is the way i like to see it all: we can, potentially, fuck everything up in one minute only. and it will be fun!” Wem das gefällt. dem könnte auch das gefallen: “Its So Fresh I Cant Take It“, “territorial pissing“, “Best things in life for free“. Via

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