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Miguel Melgarejo: “The most effective bulletproof vest”

Der mexikanische Designer Miguel Melgarejo hat die wohl sicherste Schutzweste der Welt entworfen: “A couple of years ago I heard that it was relatively common for Mexican inmates to tattoo an image of the Guadalupe Virgin (and another saints and figures) in places where they didn’t wanted to get hit, evidently, in a deeply religious country as Mexico, god, saints and virgin’s images inspire respect, no one wants to get in trouble with the holy, or at least to open that possibility. Mexico is nowadays suffering from a tremendous amount of violence the, such called, war against drug trafficking, has caused more than 10,000 casualties just in 2010 without discriminating between civilians, this war has pretty much taken away the sense of security from Mexican people. Much is said about the purpose and possible endings of this war, the truth is that no one can see the light at the end of the tunnel; bloodsheds, blockades, executions, bombings, persecutions and shootings are now seen as normal, and that is scary. Faith plays a very important role in moments like this, sometimes is the only thing left to have. In this hope is that I can say that, indeed, I have designed the most effective bulletproof vest in the world.”

Auch nicht schlecht: Das Pissoir “Axixa” – “a project in which a public ceramic urinal maintains the shape that a leak leaves in a wall in order to generate a permanent mark in public streets or places where people can urinate and participate in a manifestation in which the disposal itself becomes part of the public life.” Via: Mail, thx!


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  1. Don’t know what i like best: de vest or the pissoir. Or which one stinks best….

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