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Memefest-Workshop: Mapping socially responsive communication

Oliver hat ein umfangreiches Update zum Memefest-Workshop in Nijmegen gepostet: Noch viel mehr Bilder, ein erstes Feedback und auch die fĂĽnf Karten – die Ergebnisse des Mapping-Workshops zum Thema “Social Responsive Communication” (PDF). Sobald es die Karten in PDF-Form gibt, werde ich diesen Beitrag aktualieren. “There is a strong interest in different communication practices. This can be observed on industry, university and civil society levels. The problem however is that there are almost non existing alternatives. With this i don’t mean that such practices don’t exist- although there are not many, they do, but that frameworks for recognition, articulation, comparison and imagination are yet to be designed in a manner that will help to foster wider understanding of different communication logic. And this is why we wanted work on maps. The idea was to create tools, tactical media, educational tools that would help put some light on this invisible dimensions. The differences between marketing based communication, especially social marketing to socially responsive communication have to be made visible. This is the first step for a wider change of communication practice. This maps, this tools can be used in many different contexts. In the school, with clients of different kinds, with activist communities that employ communication to achieve certain goals. The idea was to create a dynamic of productive conflict. Bring together more than twenty dedicated communicators: thinkers, educators, designers, artists, activists, students, researchers, professionals- with different social, cultural, knowledge backgrounds and facilitate a mentored process that would be experimental, informal but focused on concrete results. Workshop participants: Mathieu Tremblin, Monika KlobÄŤar, Alana Hunt, Jody Joanna Boehnert, Sarah Dugan, Simon PerÄŤiÄŤ, Anja Groten, Janneke de Rooij, Lenka Klimešová, Kima Toromajyan, Giada Totaro, John Jordan, Vladimir Turner, Manal Al Mahmood, Arwa Ramadan, Scott Townsend, Teja Kaštrun were chosen among those whose works have been curated and edited at this years friendly competition. Mentors: Alain Bieber, Jason Grant, Tony Credeland, Shoaib Ahmad, Sandy Kaltenborn, my self and co-mentors Paulo Hartmann, Kevin Yuen-Kit Lo, Ines Nin, Frederic Dobuis are long term Memefest collaborators, communication experts with integrity and friends.” Via: Mail

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