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MEMEFEST 2011: And the winners are…

SMSlingshot” von vrurban: “As a follow-up of the spreadgun performance in 2008, SMSlingshot is an extension of VR/Urban’s digital intervention activism. The installation features a handheld digital slingshot device for spreading information on public screens.”. Feedback: “Our ultimate goal is nothing short of a personal and singular Billboard for each citizen. Until that glorious day for global communications when every man, woman and child can scream at or sing to the world in 100Pt. type from their very own rooftop; until that day we will continue to do all in our power to encourage the masses to use any means possible to commandeer the existing media and to alter it to their own design”, wrote the Billboard Liberation Front in their Manifesto a long time ago. Its great to see the idea of screaming your message in 100Pt. realized with modern technologies. And i really love the symbol of a sling shot – David killed Goliath with a sling shot and a sling shot is also the weapon of a “naughty boy”. The only disadvantage is that “SMSlingshot” needs a lot of heavy equipment to work: projector, laptop, modem. As an installation work in a gallery space (or in front of a gallery) for media art its the perfect interactive and fun work – but as a real weapon for urban warfare is more or less useless. For me the perfect item would be a sort of “sling shot” that everybody can put on their mobiles (mobile laser to project SMS) and use it without extra-tech-knowledge or extra-hardware. But nevertheless: The idea is fantastic! And i could image nice “SMS Shots” during political speeches and demonstrations – like Julius von Bismarck did with his “Image Fulgurator“.

UFF von Vladimir Turner: “Through little, or even naïve, interventions we intend to show that the city belongs to us! We see our role in the society as studying its system and interacting with it. We, deliberately, haven’t chosen a radical form of confrontation with the System as a mode of our expression, instead we’ve opted for a game, a game with it and with you. UFF is a form of geocaching, nevertheless, it attempts a two-fold intervention to the public space. Game, as a vehicle for discovery and learning and as a creative approach to problems and questions, stands for us against brainless consumption and idleness!” Feedback: “The contemporary (post-) graffiti artist is a 24/7 Homo Ludens”, wrote art historian Tineke Reijnders. “Not planning to bring down the ruling powers and hardly interested in unadulterated political activism, he engages in his artistic play. High and challenging, in the urban arena. He is a solo performer.” UFF is game theory, Derive, Situationist International, Street Art, Guerilla Performance, intervention in public space – and tries to achieve the best thing an artwork can achieve: To change everyday life into art! Beeing a “homo ludens” is also my ideal idea of man – great work and it needs to be re-done, everyday in every city!”

Radical ATM Service” von Iván Kozenitzky und Federico Lazcano: “Radical ATM is not only a work of electronic art, but is also a music jukebox, a radical games console, a political propaganda display, an alternative mass communication media, an experiment on ICTs appropriation, an open source and open hardware machine, an activist installation to change the world. Radical ATM Service offers awareness-raising for the mass of consumers.” Feedback: “This work is just amazing – it’s an A+ for me, nothing more to say! I even had the pleasure to discover it at the Subversiv Messe 2009 in Linz. I tried it and even if I knew the ATM machine was fake (because it was inside the exhibition) – i felt in love with it. I think i loved it because it’s a humorous action – but also an intelligent one with a big shock moment. When your debit card get hijacked you don’t know what will really happen… The machine is playing games, music etc. – but your card could get really manipulated. I think for a lot of people it’s like the “Joker” – the evil laughing face. I love the symbolic of a “radical” ATM machine, an ATM machine that is not giving money but doing other things with you and it even can easily be updated (with new games, new music, new messages etc.) It’s an amazing project I really would like to see it spreading all over the world!”

panoptICONS” von Thomas voor ‘t Hekke & Bas van Oerle: “The goal in making our panoptICONS project was to create more awareness about the presence of surveillance cameras in public space. We feel people accept camerasurveillance too easily, because while they may ‘know’ in an abstract way that there are cameras, they don’t actually ‘feel’ the fact that they are constantly being watched.”

Liberate Tate: Collected Works 2010“: “In seeking to provoke the art world to go “Beyond…” Oil we use visual art and theatrical concepts to communicate an insitutional and corporate reality and point to alternative ways to experience art (and life) unpolluted – beyond enforced consumption of art and sponsorship by Big Oil in public insitutions.” Feedback: “Liberate Tate is a collective effort that has charmed me on the basis of its a) collective nature b) “professionalism” in the execution of actions c) very creative criticism and d) the strong social impact. The conceptual effort on Liberate Tate is quite high. All the social interventions are well-rounded works of art. They are well thought through and executed in a rapid manner, leaving the museum visitor to wonder whether this is an artsy performance or a radical activist event… or both. The concept behind Liberate Tate, moving between spheres of intervention (activism vs art), anchors the project as a refreshing way to voice protest. (Frédéric Dubois)”

Alle weiteren Arbeiten aus der Beyond-Kategorie gibt es hier. Alle Gewinner der Kategorie “Static” gibt es hier (unten noch ein paar gelungene Beispiele), die Gewinner der Kategorie “Moving” hier, Web/Interactive hier und “Critical Writing” hier.

Alana Hunt: “This was a lo-fi tactical media project, that responded to the Indian state’s ban of pre-paid phone connections with a specially designed and accessible 4x4inch piece of card, otherwise know as a paper txt msg. As a form of tactical media the paper txt msgs functioned as an imaginative, symbolic and functional gesture that highlighted, with a tongue-in-cheek absurdity, what is otherwise a very tragic conflict. While 1000 paper txt msgs were printed and distributed, a pdf also circulated online that allowed people to print out and distribute the paper txt msgs independently.”

Maja Medic: “The basic foundation for a social network is its infrastructure, a decentralized system, a promise of equality and participation. What happens when the clean idea becomes reality, in all its actualities?”

Monika Klobcar: “On the streets in the cities Manufacturing labels in the form of hearts, posted on the street, illustrate human steps which lead us around the bend (or any other obstacle which distorts the view), to a certain unexpected goal (outflows on the road).”

Mathieu Tremblin: “Tag Clouds principle is to replace the all-over of graffiti calligraphy by readable translations like the clouds of keywords which can be found on the Internet. It shows the analogy between physical tag and virtual tag, both in the form (tagged walls compositions look the same as tag clouds), and in substance (like keywords which are markers of net surfing, graffiti are markers of urban drifting).”

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