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Matthias Fritsch: The Story of Technoviking

Der K√ľnstler Matthias Fritsch arbeitet gerade an seinem Film √ľber den Technoviking – eine Geschichte √ľber Internet-Meme und der Verletzung des Pers√∂nlichkeitsrechts. “Imagine this: you go dancing at a parade, there you will be filmed and suddenly this movie appears on the net. An artist makes art out of these images. From that moment on, your face buzzes out into the digital world. This case actually exists. The dancer is called Technoviking. He has become a famous figure on the Internet. However, it also raises a lot of questions: What are the boundaries between personality rights and the freedom of art? Can such a phenomenon be curbed at all by legal means? A feature length documentary on the popular Technoviking-Meme, one of the early really big videomemes on Youtube.” Mehr auf Deutsch dazu auch hier.

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