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Luzinterruptus: “Urban Hemorrhage”, 2009

Blood on the BĂĽrgersteig: Neue Lichtinstallation der spanischen Gruppe Luzinterruptus – “Urban Hemorrhage“. “We expected a day of heavy rain and we went out to look for puddles on the pavement. We chose a conflictive zone, the May the 2nd Plaza, in the past the scene of the famous and bloody execution of 1808 and in the present scenes of violence and repression are still being played out there against those that drink in the streets. We only had to dye the water red and put our lights in it to simulate the blood that flowed over the pavement, creating a most dramatic effect. As it rained, it seemed that the water fell red from the sky and when it stopped, it was as if the ground was seeping blood that was flowing to the sewers.” Mehr Bilder hier, mehr ĂĽber die Gruppe auch hier, hier und hier. Via: Mail

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