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Luzinterruptus: “One sees the sea between the cars”

Die neue Intervention von Luzinterruptus: “One sees the sea between the cars”. “We believe that the containers of rubble in the streets of Madrid are like stranded ships, waiting between the cars, for the rising tide that never comes, to take them back to the sea. Some of these containers, especially those which are in luxury neighborhoods, are covered by shiny tarpaulins of green and blue, which cover the unsightly rubbish inside them and when we see them we imagine that a piece of the deep, bright sea has crept into our dry, urban habitat. The night of February the 7th, we decided to stage this fantasy, adding paper boats with lights to our imaginary, miniature seas. The action was called “One sees the sea between the cars” and to carry it out we used 3 covered containers which we found in the neighborhood of Salamanca in Madrid, placing upon its “waters”, a tiny, harmless fleet, of illuminated paper boats.” Via: Mail, thx!

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