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Kunstkübel: “Outside the Planter Boxes”

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Karen Abel: “Beer Carton Flowers”. Blumen aus gefundenen Bierkartons

Martin Reis: “Airport planter”

Für das Projekt “Outside the Planter Boxes” haben in Toronto Künstler und Kreative vernachlässigte Pflanzkübel neu bespielt: “Through creative interventions, this project highlights some of the neglected city tree planter boxes that line our busy streets. These planters are generally made of concrete and many are cracked or missing large chunks. Others have been replaced with standardized two-piece boxes. However, some of these are too small for the existing mature trees and their roots, leaving huge gap between the two sides. More still contain only stumps, or have become garbage bins with little to no vegetation at all. 

To be clear, this project is not about pointing fingers. In areas of major or ongoing roadwork, planters have removed or changed by the city. Others are just being replaced here and there as previously mentioned. In select neighbourhoods, street planters are well maintained by BIAs, businesses and/or residents. This project works primarily with those currently in poor condition.” Via

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