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Kunst und Islam: Sarah Maple

Ich habe mich verliebt! Wunderbare Arbeiten mit hintersinnigem Witz (nur ein Beispiel: die unterste Fotografie, mit der Enthaarungscreme als Schnauzer, heiĂźt “A Tribute To Frida”), Charme und Chuzpe. Die UK-Provo-Feminism-Lady Sarah Maple wird bereits als die nächste Tracey Emin bejubelt. Und zu Recht: “British artist Sarah Maple’s sleek self-portraits juxtapose confessional audacity with comic, pop-culture quips. They also explicitly confront religious identity. Maple takes a humorous approach to her work, which underplays the intensity of the content. In her self-portraits, she blurs the boundaries between pop-culture and religious devotion, portraying herself wearing a burka on Brighton Pier, or praying with bunny ears attached to her veil. “I don’t think that I am criticizing the religion itself,” she says. “I’m questioning the way some Muslims interpret the faith. I’m not saying we should all go and break the rules. I’m just saying that if you’re going to be a Muslim and pray every day, that doesn’t necessarily make you a good person.” (*) Und ein spannendes Interview mit Sarah Maple gibt`s auch bei Artthreat: “Obviously growing up in the south of England it was very White with not very many Muslims. The only Muslims I knew were my own family, and I think that it was a huge part of how I feel about it now. I didn’t feel like I fit in at all.” – “I approach very serious things in a really humorous and lighthearted way. I think that it’s a good way to get the message across, but I also think that in a way it has been detrimental. A lot of people think that I’m mocking when that’s not my aim. And people also think that I’m not taking the subject seriously when it’s a very serious subject. But I’ve approached things in a tongue-in-cheek way, and some people can’t grasp that.” Via


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  1. Jan,

    Geile stuff, ABER, bald brennt bestimmt der erste Blog ;o)

  2. Nur ein comment zum sagen, dass ich dieser blog heiss liebe.

    Gruss aus Japan.

  3. B,

    Here are two more inteviews with Sarah Maple if you want to check them out. They were conducted by Brian Sherwin who is the Senior Editor for the Myartspace Blog.



  4. Avi Stark,

    Brave young artist for brave young world

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