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Keine Angst, die wollen nur spielen III: 99tinygames

99 Spiele – versteckt im Londoner Stadtraum: “Inhabitants and visitors of London can currently find 99 tiny games in public space. The games are part of Showtime, a free outdoor arts festival that gives all Londoners the chance to enjoy “world class entertainment and culture on their doorstep”. People who look closely will find the games in all kinds of places, varying from bus stops to bandstands and from parks to shopping malls. A conversation game over here, a chasing game over there, a people-watching game up on that balcony… The little games are everywhere, really. The only thing you have to do is to find the round posters on the walls and floors in streets and parks that explain the rules of the easy-to-play games.” Mehr hier & hier.

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