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MEMEFEST, das “international festival of socially responsive communication and art”, sucht Beitr√§ge zum diesj√§hrigen Thema (Deadline 20. September!): “Radical Intimacies: Dialogue in our times“. “Dialogue is the crucial form of communication. It makes us able to communicate beyond differences and create common worlds. It puts the individual as well as the community in the centre of attention. Dialogue is now important more than ever. But what has became of dialogue today? What influences most of the intimacy we are capable to create? What if we are witnessing a new phase of communication? And what if we could re-think how to approach dialogue today, with all it’s difficulties and potentials because we still think that dialogue is the crucial form of communication and we still believe in its unmatched potential? How can we than design dialogue that would work? Dialogue is tirelessly presented as ‚Äėthe‚Äô solution to the problems of ‚Äėour‚Äô times ‚Äď in art, war, love, democracy and even in the workplace. In fact, dialogue has been central to the ethos of Memefest since its inception back in 2002. But what if dialogue is not working? RADICAL INTIMACIES: DIALOGUE IN OUR TIMES is the theme of this year‚Äôs Memefest. We‚Äôre trying to ask a dfficult question in order to honestly explore all the complicated failures and the hopeful potentialities that feed our faith in dialogue ‚Äď politically, creatively, laboriously and intimately. Respond to this proposition in the Memefest 2014 Friendly Competition.” Via: Mail

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