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Javier Abarcas “Urban Art”-Klasse in Madrid: 2009/2010 Edition

Pablo √ɬĀlvarez: “Apariencias”. “Apariencias (resemblances) is a series of simple and powerful visual puns that bring forward questions regarding the nature of industrialized food, its chain of production and distribution, and our relation with all that. In a particularly bare example of shop-dropping, the artist substitutes slick design tricks with visual shrewdness.”

√ɬĀlvaro Alciturri: “Sapo-en-el-pozo“. “Inspired by obscure literature and first-person, point-and-shoot computer videogames of the early nineties, the artist creates a fictional character that uses a webpage to communicate his particularly sophisticated vision of murder.”

Noelia Fuentes: “El mirador”. “In the working-class, dry, flat lands south of Madrid, in a village particularly touched by the epic housing speculation of last decades, a particularly corrupt politician signed the lease of a patch of land next to a residential area to be turned into an oversized tire dump. El mirador (panoramic point) is an apparently light-hearted project that remarks a very dark reality.”

Alle Jahre wieder veranstaltet Javier Abarca an der Kunstuniversit√§t Madrid einen Kompaktkurs zum Thema “history of unsanctioned public art: graffiti, postgraffiti, site-specific intervention, artivism and outsider public art.” Danach realisiert jede/r Student/in ein Projekt im bzw. mit dem √∂ffentlichen Raum. Oben gibt’s meine drei Favoriten zu sehen, alle acht Projekte gibt’s hier. Mehr aus den Vorjahren: 2008/2009 Edition, 2007/2008 Edition.

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