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Jan Martinec & Johana Střížková: “Fiat Brava forest style”

Mobiler Blumenkübel von Jan Martinec & Johana Střížková: “The transformation of Fiat Bravo into a flower pot is a gesture of free will to us. We bought a functional car only to make it become a one tree forrest in the middle of Prague’s quarter Karlin – a public installation. The car still has valid technical check paperwork, license plate and other paperwork. We play by the rules, but a different game. We have created a situation which by its arrangement defies pragmatism; it is a strike to weak spot of reason. It is subversion against materialism. Functional vehicle has been used as a flower pot; parking place has been changed into a miniature playground/meadow. Although the keys are in the shaft is buried under tons of dirt. There will be no ride today.” Via: Mail, thx!

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