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Improv Everywhere: “Redheads”

Die neueste Aktion der US-Prankster Improv Everywhere: “Redheads“. Ăśber 50 Rothaarige protestierten vor der Fastfood-Kette “Wendy”. Der Grund: Das “rassistische” Logo. “We would be protesting Wendy’s racist mascot that was an unfair, stereotypical representation of redheaded people. It was time for the National Association for the Advancement of Redhaired People to take a stand against this offensive logo.” Mehr von Improv Everywhere: “No Pants Subway Ride“.


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  1. 8ight,

    Haha! Protest gegen ein Logo, weil es rote Haare hat! Wie krank ist das den? Sorry, aber das verdient nicht mal einen Post

  2. Hahahahaha, great protest.
    I´m a redhead too [ironic] and i think this logo is clearly offensive. Unfortunately i was not in NY to join the march…[/ironic]

  3. Mom of Redhead,

    this is to address the negative responses that were place by johnson, vash, johnqpublic, phybeoptic tim, hemipowered conroo, pergo,

    apparently you either never watch tv or you have not seen the WENDYS commercial with the MAN wearing a RED PIGTAILED WIG kicking a tree yelling Where is the Beef????? that is an insult to all redheads including WENDY herself. they (advertising ) make her look like a moran and she is not nor is any redhead.

    Yes there are problems in this world but one of the biggest mistakes people make in this life is that they never take the time to laugh–especially about themselves….and as far as making running a business impossible that is just not true. apparently you did not watch the entire video…the REDHAIRED individuals formed a single line right next to the curb. Perhaps if you would learn to laugh and take a breath you won’t have a heart attack by the time you are 40. LIfe is too short not to have some fun with it. and I give these folks kudos for the effort they put forth


  4. billy,

    before i dyed it my hairs natural pigment was red
    i believe that we should not be rediculed because of our pigment and hair color and am sorry that i could not make out to New York in time to help with this protest
    it truly saddens me that people make un of our persona and call us gingers and daywalkers
    the clowns are obviously based off of our appearance too believe as well as rudolph because of the red nose and freckles.
    keep up the good work my fellow red heads

  5. !YO!,

    The only difference is, that people who really are discriminated cause of their “race” have to face economic discrimination (besides all the jokes), wich redheads don´t have…
    So it´s kind of disgusting to simulate anti-racist protests, what actually makes other people fighting their opression look ridiculous.

  6. Bob Carmichael,

    This is all a joke right? The Wendy’s logo is a picture of the founder, Dave Thomas’ daughter Wendy whom he named his burger joint after.

    No one discriminates against red heads. In fact, red heads are considered hot. The more freckles the better. So again I ask, this is a joke right?

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